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Wah pedals

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by insane XXX, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. insane XXX

    insane XXX

    Feb 18, 2005
    anyone know any good wah pedals? im trying to find one that isnt funk style but more of a metal sound. i really like the one Cliff Burton used in Anesthia so if anyone knows what he used that would be awesome or something close. thanks
  2. i believe cliff had a morley power wah, and my favorite is the dunlop 105Q
  3. lopsy_lu


    Feb 15, 2005
    Scotland, UK.
    Yeh Cliff used the Morley Power Wah Boost


    Theres usually a few floating about on ebay so have a lookie :ninja:
  4. BassGod


    Jan 21, 2004
    I use the Morley Pro Series II Wah. It's meant for guitar, but sounds great on bass. Not too expensive either.


    P.S. Has anyone tried the Dunlop Dimebag Wah on bass? Does it sound any good? Thanks.
  5. All the best Morley Bass wahs have to be looked for in my opinion, the current 'Duel Bass Wah' isn't too great.

    Cliff used the Morley Power Wah Boost, as said before. It's chrome, old and dosn't work if the bulb goes, however it is the 'Cliff Sound' with a Big Muff, and it also includes overdrive and doubles as a volume pedal.

    However, depending on where you are, they are hard to find and can be quite expensive, a good alternative is the Morley PBA, sounds similar, just needs an overdrive before it to get really Cliff-esque songs.
  6. simpy1


    Mar 31, 2005
    New Zealand
    I definitely don't recommend the old GCB-100 Dunlop Bass Wahs - the 105Q is much better, as it has control over tone & volume. My one (old one) sounds nice & smooth and sounds like it has true bypass, but cuts volume when it is engaged.

    So if I want to use it properly I have to do a quick volume change on the bass when I engage it. Or else use the push/pull knob on my Warwick Corvette FNA to give a bit more bass & some mid scoop, which almost compensates. I don't really use it much.
  7. are there any other good bass wahs except the dunlop and the morley? i don't know any others...
  8. Hey guys, sorry to butt in with my own question on this thread... but it is a very similar question, and didnt think it required a whole new thread...

    I saw a Morley PWB on eBay... man... i was jumping for joy :hyper: .... until i found out they dont ship to Australia :mad:

    So if I can not get the "Morley Power Wah Boost" pedal, specifically...

    Is the wah function on the "Power Wah Fuzz" and "Power Wah" from the same era exactly the same? Because theres a couple of em floating around the bay... and I'm going to use a Big Muff Pi for the fuzz anywoo... So i only need the wah function...

    If I can't get one of the older pedals...

    Which of the currently available Morley pedals produces a sound most like the PWB? (I want the cliff sound :rolleyes: )

    And I read on all the previous threads about this that tplyons owns the Morley Pro Series II but says its been discontinued ... I checked morleypedals.com and it says that they are making "Morley Pro Series II" is it the same one? I read in all the previous threads about this that tplyons owns (or owned) one of these, and its blue... Well the one on the Morley site is black, maybe its different... Does anyone own this pedal and can comment on it?
    And theres also a "Pro series II wah volume" on the Morley site, which appeals to me, because I wanted the PWB for its volume pedal abilities as well as wah... Any comments on this one?

    Plus any other solutions anyone wants to throw up in the air
  9. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    The current production Pro Series II Wah is a guitar wah and is not the same as the Bass Wah which I love. At the moment, I do not have one but am looking for a replacement for the one I had to sell for financial reasons. It's big, it's blue, it's beautiful.

    The Pro Series II Wah Volume isn't the same as a PWB either, it simply has two modes: wah and volume with a switch to go betwewen the two.

    IIRC, the Pro Series II Distortion Wah Volume is the modern equivalent to the PWB according to the folks at Morley. (You can find out more about it at http://www.morleypedals.com/dpdw-ii.html)

    My opinion on wah pedals is buy a Dunlop or a Morley used. If you don't like it, sell it and buy the other. I find that most people don't like one, but they'll love the other. Only trying both will tell you which is right for you.
  10. Tedintheshed

    Tedintheshed Banned

    Oct 8, 2004
    Columbus, Ohio
    As a user of a Tel-Ray made Morley PWB, I couldn't be any happier. I agree with tplyons suggestion- try one and if you don't like it, you will probably like the other.

    Howerever, I feel I must warn you that this pedal isn't for everyone. The PWB can be an unruly animal- when in the toe down position it tends to make my rig feed back (and I use EMG's even). Personally, I love this "feature"- I have utilized this as kind of a "feed back" function in my rig. The draw back is that when you kick the wah off, it becomes a volume pedal, so you either have to kick it off with the volume turned down so as to prevent feedback and then turn the volume pedal up (place it in the "toe down" postion) or just tolerate the feedback momentarily until you kick the wah off. Eventually, I am going to put it in a looper to solve this problem. The tone is absolutely worth this small inconveneience.