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wah question...

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Every1TookMyName, Jun 13, 2001.

  1. I'm using a dunlop crybaby guitar pedal, and its just not getting me the sound I want from it. I want a wah sound similar to that heard in Tool's 'Schism', and I know that Tool's bassist uses a Digitech Bass Whammy Pedal. So, I need to know if anyone has played it, and how it sounds. I'll check out the price at musician's friend or mars music later.
  2. a whammy is a different type of effect and im pretty sure that there is no real wah in schism or any tool songs that i have heard... if your using the guitar one on bass your probably not going to get the sound you want for much. I have the bass cyrbaby wah and I love it...
  3. I'm amazed that you're getting any sound out of the guitar Crybaby. They sound pathetic on bass. The bass Crybaby has been getting a lot of good reviews lately. Have you thought of maybe using an envelope filter???
  4. Gimli - The Crybaby is great for guitar, but horrible for bass. The only reason I'm using it is because its my dad's (he's a guitar player.) I was thinking of getting bassballs, but I haven't played with them yet.

    There is wah on Schism... towards the middle of the track.. listen for it and you'll hear it, its hard to miss.

    What is whammy?
  5. i cant seem to find a wah sound the guitar at all and i have read many articles on justin and know that he does use a wah, only a whammy... what you might be thinking of is towards the middle of the song played right with the guitar... its much slower then the rest of the song. If that is bass then it is definetly not wah but a type of pitch shifting effect like the whammy pedal that justin has. Wah on bass is usually very rough and funky so a wah is probably not going to work if your looking for a tool sound.
  6. sorry that last post came out all confubled... at the beginning i meant to say that i cant seem to find a wah sound on the bass at all in schism and i have read many articles... im way to tired.
  7. Look in the issue of Bass Player with Justin on the cover. It tells you how to play that part with a wah pedal.
  8. fraid not... it sayd whammy... i have it right here in front of me. In "the Patient" he plays with the tone controls to make a wah sound but the part is schism is whammy according to Justin himself in this mag. Also, on page 62 it shows all of his effects and equipment and no wah is shown.
  9. Okay, sorry about that. I didn't have the bass mag infront of me while I posted that. :oops:

    I guess I should've been looking for whammy effects all this time.
  10. Its a Digitech Whammy for that part its just he starts it low and brings it back up to its origional note with the whammy. As for other songs that sound like a wah its either the whammy being in reverse of what most would use it for and the other times he uses a tone knob to bring it from bass to treble and hammers on the desired frets
  11. Moonraker


    Mar 7, 2001
    Is the Whammy a pitchshifter effect?

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