Waiting for November 24th...

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  1. ...because it's the date of my first gig of the academic year! :D

    Actually, I have 3 gigs on the day.
    The first gig is at about 12:50pm or so, returning to The Whereabouts of Wally Dudes, playing a handful of songs from the first original musical written by anyone from my school.

    The second & third gigs will be between the hours of 3:00 and 4:00pm. One band, The Paper Tigers, is also doing the Wally Dudes gig. We'll be playing Whatever by Oasis and Stand By Me by...er...who? :p We might also be playing The World I Know by Collective Soul, as a tribute to 9/11. I personally want to, but the other guys in the band are starting to think it's too slow to play for the school fair, and if I still want to, we can play it at the Christmas Ball on Dec. 19th.

    The other band, who remain as yet unnamed, will be playing 4 songs, All The Small Things and Adam's Song by Blink 182, and 2 originals: one unnamed song about Norse mythology and folklore, and one titles Beautiful Guy, that I'm sure I've mentioned before. :p

    I know of 2 people on this board from Hong Kong, so if either of you guys are interested, you might as well just come to the CIS fair anyway. :p

    I don't think I've been this hyped about anything in a long, long time... :p
  2. Good luck on your gig man.;)
  3. The only gig related thing I'm doing on Saturday is that I'm going to see a Metallica tribute band as part of my birthday celebrations!

    Have a good one man.
  4. OoOh...
    Tomorrow's the day...
    So close, so close...

    I'm not nervous, though. I probably won't be until about 3:15, right before we play the first note... :p
  5. Stand by Me by Ben E King? Or Stand by Me by Oasis are the two that spring to mind...if it's old and sung by a black man then it's the former, if it's whiney and sung in a mancunian accent then it's the latter.
  6. Hehe...no, not the Oasis one, but the "Stand...by me, woo-ooah stand...by me..."

    Anyway, it kicked major booty! When I got to school at about 12:00 or so, I went to check my class stall, only to find that it wasn't there. Then one of my friends told me our stall got cancelled, as it were, since it was pretty much the same thing as another class' stall.
    After that I spent an hour or 2 just wandering around school with friends complaining about how boring it was. Then the lunch time performances started, and there was something to watch. The Japanese school next door to us brought their Japanese drum team thing for 2 performances, that was pretty entertaining. :)
    Then the teacher's band went on, and they played about 6 or 7 songs including Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water", that was pretty cool. :p

    Anyway, my first band went on at about 3:30 (we were scheduled to go on at 3:00...) and started out with Blink 182's All The Small Things. It was great to look over at the "back stage" area (it was an open stage, no actual "back stage". :p) to see all our friends jumping around & singing along. Next, we moved onto an original song written by our drummer about "trees, green stuff & furry things" to quote him, but it's actually about Norse mythology & folklore etc. It was kind of a hard folk-rock song, sounded pretty good, actually, only the singer came in late and we were all sort of lost until the guitar solo when everyone suddenly knew what was going on. I don't think the audience noticed at all, though, so it wasn't that bad. :p
    Next, my first band, the "Paper Tigers" played Oasis' Whatever and Stand By Me, not the Oasis version as mentioned above. Whatever really got the crowd hyped, especially the people in our grade, because we had a guest violinist & guest lead guitarist seeing as our usual "lead" guitarist was playing her cello for this song. There were cheers & jeers when the violinist got his "solo" spot.
    Finally, there was the Whereabouts of Wally Dudes reprise where we played one of the love songs and "The Happy Ending Song", which was great fun.

    All in all, a great day for me, and I was the only one on stage really moving around in the 2nd & 3rd performances. In the first band our singer was running around stage etc, and I was doing my thing with my sombrero on, which waved & bobbed around with my head which was entertaining for the little kids. It's cool, because now a lot of people in school recognize me as "the guy with the cool Mexican hat who plays in 2 bands". :D