Waiting on that call..

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  1. So, I've been basically unemployed for almost two months. Kind of a mix of not getting some jobs I went after and not wanting some that were offered. Fortunately, I am in a semi decent position financially that there was not an issue with bills and such.

    On a whim, I took a part time gig at a local company. Mainly because I was getting bored. Turns out, what a great day I had the first day.

    The area manager came in for a monthly inventory and to do some training. He was expressing his displeasure about having the inventory stuff thrown on him. I mentioned that the recently vacated position was exactly what I was looking for.

    Fast forward a week to today. Met the owner and the CFO for an interview. Killed it. Job is right in my wheel house, we have the same goals, and a good friend works in the offices.

    He just texted me and said they've ( the owner and the CFO ) been talking about the interview since I left. His office is right outside the owners. He says they were very impressed.

    Now I'm just waiting on the call.....hate this part...
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    Good Luck!

    I'm rooting for you
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    Jan 12, 2014
    Better waiting for the got the job call then waiting for A job call.
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    Nice. Hoping for the best for ya!
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    Good luck!
  6. Good luck! Sometimes waiting around pays off.

  7. Thanks everyone. Got the call today. Start in a week. Lovin life atm