Waiting=the hardest part?

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  1. Well Ive been pinching every penny and cutting every corner I can with my money over the last couple months. And now, I am within 2-5 weeks of my new P-bass and acessories. (another bag, stand, strap, strings, prolly new knobs)

    And its absolute torture, waiting for the day to come. Looking at the clock and calendar, and having nothing but a shiney new Midnight Wine P-bass dancing in your head...its horrible. :) Does anyone else find this true?

    Also, on the 2001 MIM P's, are the knobs still the plastic Strat knobs? Or are they the real chrome ones?

    Is it possible to get the Guitar Center folk to give me any/some/all of my accessories (listed above) for free or discount? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm waiting for Apple Music to give me a job. That's just as excrutiating. That wasn't spelled right, was it? Where's Mr. Smartypants when you need him?

    Oh, and GC will do some dealing for all those accessories for you, if you ask nicely. Probably not all free, but some discounts for amount. I've spent well over $1000 dollars on gear over there, and I got some great discounts on "frequent buyer" stuff. It also depends on which branch you go to.

    Rock on
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    Mr. Smartass #3 is here:

    it is spelled, "excruciating." Switch the first T with a C.
  4. it depends what mood the people at gc are in, and how you approach them on the discount. First off, have you already paid for the bass? if not, then you have a better chance of getting a better discound IMHO. The more you spend there, the bigger the discount. I went in to GC to buy a Boss BR-532, and knew the sticker price was $399, and thats what they were gonna charge me. I asked them what was the best price they could give me, and they said $399, and i just stared at them. They then said what price are you looking to pay, i told them $350. They said they'd see what they could do. She came back, and said her manager says the best they can do is $400 out the door, i said i'll think about it (had to check if it was for real), she comes back a little later, i asked $350 again, she said not possible, not enough profit there for them, so i asked for $400 out. I then walked over to the register, pointed out that i'd need an adaptor, picks and some strings. She threw all of that in for free. She said that even though it wasnt in the orginal buy, its still "$400 out the door" and winked.

    Try to do relitivly the same thing, let them talk themselves down. Look up the thread in OT about GC from a few weeks back, bruse i beleve is the one who gave me the exellent advice of how to talk them down.
  5. Ive gone to the same Guitar Center (Natick, MA) a bunch of times. Heres what Ive bought:

    Squier P-bass Pack ($300)
    Fender Jazz bass w/ accessories ($340)
    Squier Fat Strat w/ accessories ($250)
    Pedals, strings and other such things ($300+)

    So a lot of money has been spent there by myself ($1190 over the course of about the last year :eek: :rolleyes:). (Granted...it ALL didnt come out of my pocket) My name is in the computer a bunch of times.
  6. i dont really think it matters how much you've spent there, and more of if the workers reconize you. I've become pretty friendly with the guy in accessories, so he normaly does little things for me, like open up a pack of knobs (i needed 3, and packs were sold as 2), and charging me for 1 1/2 sets.

    No matter what though, you've gotta be the one asking for the price cut... dispite them being yoru friend or whatever, its their job to bring in as much money as they can... so you've gotta be the one to ask, and be firm with yrou beliefs.