SOLD Wal 1987 MK1 4 String Fretted

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    I have the fortunate pleasure of being Wal heavy and I need to pass this one along to free up some cash. I bought it from Miki Santamaria back in Jan 2017. Here's the link to his post. SOLD - WAL Mk1 (1987) - Excellent Condition Check out the video of Miki playing this bass. He's amazing and so is the instrument.

    Beautifully patterned Shedua facings. I believe it's called ribbon pattern. Semi-gloss finish. Rosewood FB. The bass weighs about 8.5lbs (using a bathroom scale).

    Miki put lighter weight Schaller tuners on the bass. I left them on it, and I still have the original tuners and will include them with the bass. It comes with the original hard-shell case. I put new feet on the case because the old ones were worn down to nubs that would'nt let it stand with any stability. Case is worn and shows many nicks and scrapes. It's 31 years old and has done a great job of protecting the instrument. The bass has some very minor belt buckle abrasions and some very minor nicks (see pics). I mention these only in the spirit of full disclosure. Cosmetically, the bass is in near-mint condition. The E-String saddle at the bridge has a rattle. I saw no need to fix it. At volume, it's not noticeable. At low volume, I just push it to one side with my finger and it goes away.There is a crackle when adjusting the bass pickup tone knob (when in the pulled position only). The crackle occurs in a very tight range at the 6 setting. Again, I saw no need to fix it. It is in such a tight range that it had no bearing on my preferred settings.

    Having fully disclosed it's warts, let me say that it plays like a dream and sounds just like a Wal should. If you want that Justin Chancellor or vintage Geddy or Blood Sugar Sex Magic tone, you can get it with this English bass.

    Cash only (via PayPal). No trades. I will pay Fed Ex ground shipping (with insurance) in the Continental US. If you need any further details, please PM me.

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  4. On hold. Offer pending.
  5. Sold. Thanks everyone.

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