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SOLD Wal Mk I - Early 80's Solid Mahogany

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by TonyRo, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. TonyRo

    TonyRo Supporting Member

    Jun 29, 2017
    Cleveland, OH
    I simply have too many basses and not enough time to play them all, and this beauty has been sitting around for too long now. I'm sure the Wal historians around Talkbass can chime in with details and corrections if I'm off here, but here goes:

    The previous owner reached out to Wal and clarified that this is from the very early 80s (1980-1982 estimated) and that it's transitional model that's kind of a Frankenstein's Monster of Wals we see today. It has a Pro model neck and a body that doesn't have a different top or "facing", as they say. Just solid mahogany, again with some pretty but understated lamination. The hardware, pups and electronics are all in really great shape, as is the neck and fretboard. Apparently a lot of early Wals show some finish issues like on the back of this one. Other than that this bass is honestly in better condition than it should be for being 40 years old - it's clearly been loved and taken care of! I bought this on a whim recently and honestly just have too many basses - this bass would be better in the home of someone who's going to make it their #1 and really make some stages rumble - I'm not using it enough to justify keeping such a pricey and wonderful bass sitting around.

    The bass plays great and sounds like a Wal - if you're after that Flea "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" or Justin Chancellor tone this will get you there. It takes low action well and the neck is quite smooth - I'm usually NOT a gloss neck guy but this neck plays easy and the bass overall balances quite well. I played it at a show for a friend recently and received nothing but compliments about the looks and tone!

    Price includes shipping and insurance to the CONUS, feel free to message me with questions, requests for more or clearer images, and with offers. Cheers!

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  2. nbsipics

    nbsipics Very Unorthodox Behavior Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 8, 2016
    If that's a "Frankenstein" WAL, I would let it kill me any day! Stunning. GLWTS
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  3. TonyRo

    TonyRo Supporting Member

    Jun 29, 2017
    Cleveland, OH
    Sold for full ask on Reverb, sorry people! :)
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  4. basschip22

    basschip22 Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 11, 2017
    Wow.........that didn't last long

    GSNOLA Opinionated but approachable 4-string Scotsman. Supporting Member

    Aug 2, 2010
    New Orleans
    Yay! Well done. :)

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