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walkabout & gs112???

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by fog_dee, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I've been reading posts for awhile now,,,, and thought I'd aks a couple of questions.

    I'm looking at buying a walkabout,,,and mating it with 1, or 2 gs112 cabs. Has anyone done this?

    Right now, all I have is a swr la15 ( I Know). I kinda like the bottom it has,, it just doesn't have the ability to cut thru the 2 guitarists(30w peavey & 130w crate), and the drummer(kinda loud newbie also) that i play with.

    I played the walkabout thry an ampeg 2x12, and a 1x12 portabass, but didn't really like the sound. Still waiting for the aggies to arrive at spotlight music in ft. collins, co. There's not much here in greeley,co.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. This was my rig for most of last year. I played a couple of pretty big rooms with the Mesa at about 5/10 and this rig carried the room with very little of me in the PA. Then I was stupid and thought I'd try some different cabinets. Needless to say I'm back to the Aggies.

    They will take everything you give them. They are loud and bigger sounding than they are. The Eden 10's and Eden 12's (CXM series) can't compare and easily bottom out on the fifth string. I also tried a Hartke 410, a Mesa 15 and Carvin redeye and the Aggies sounded better to my ears. Portable, loud, accurate. What else could you want?
  3. Thanks bassdr,,

    I was wondering how this rig matched up with others out there. I don't have much experience,,and I'm looking for a decent rig without having to go too far into debt.

    Again,,,, thanks!!!!!
  4. bassmonkeee

    bassmonkeee Supporting Member

    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA

    There are a couple of us here with this rig. I don't think you'll even want to attempt it with only one Aggie 1x12 if you are playing with 2 guitar players. In fact, with two loud guitar players, you might need to step up to more speaker area than the 2 1x12s can offer you to cut through.

  5. Beautimous rig bassmonkee.

    The 2 guitarists aren'tB]terribly[/B]loud,,,, but I do get lost in the noise when they dig in.

    Just got back from a music store over in Longmont. The guy there is trying to cut a deal on an Ampeg B5R($600), BXT115hl($600), and a Crate BX410? ($270). Don't know about the Crate. I have a Crate guitar amp, and it sucks.

    Didn't have either of my basses with me, so didn't try the rig yet.

    Still not sold on Ampeg yet.

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! dave
  6. I paid around $500 for my Walkabout used and $350 each for the Aggies and that puts the rig you're looking at a couple hundred higher and IMHO a step lower on the tone food chain. Stick with the plan. Several on-line dealers will get you a pretty good price on the cabinets. Finding a used Walkabout might take a while but one will turn up. Try e-bay.
  7. Sounds like you got a pretty nice deal.

    Spotlight Music in Ft. Collins wants $799.00 for the walkabout, and somewhere around $350.00 ea for the aggies. Took a look on ebay. There were 3 sellers, prices ranging at present from $285 up. All three had some time left on them. And with the shipping charges, I might be better off just getting the new ones. I'll take a look in the Sunday Denver papers. Maybe somthing will turn up.