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No longer available Walkabout Scout 12 still under warranty

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by terlewine, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. terlewine

    terlewine Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2001
    Athens, Ohio
    (10/19/16 edit: planning to keep the cabinet and relist the head with custom headcase.)

    Silverface walkabout combo in great shape. The amp still has a year to go on the 5-year warranty; I bought it new in Dec 2012 in a Scout 15 combo (receipt included). I sold the 15 cab and bought this 12 cab used.

    Your choice: 4 Ohm or 8 Ohm.
    I was using this as part of a 2-Scout stack, so I put a new 8 Ohm Mesa speaker in it. I kept the original 4 Ohm speaker, so you can have this combo either way. I’ll sell whichever speaker remains after this sale.

    I installed a speaker jack to use the cab as an extension. Also installed smooth-rolling casters, making it a lot easier to move.

    No problems, it’s a wonderful sounding amp. I’ve switched to a larger Mesa stack, and a smaller practice amp. (This combo isn’t big enough for the loud band, and is too powerful for the jug band — so it’s not getting enough use.) It’s in really nice condition; hasn’t seen any rough treatment.

    There are three other Scout combos on talkbass as I post this, so it’s a buyer’s market I guess. :) This one’s new enough to still have a year on the warranty, and I think I’ve priced it at a good deal. If it seems high, let’s talk.

    Also included:

    - The slipcover pictured, which I bought on eBay — but it was made for an extension cab so the handle slot is on the side. Instead of returning it, I put a handle slot in the top.

    - Walkabout gig bag, which I never use because they make these things so tight-fitting that they’re pretty impractical. (I bought this used, and there’s a torn seam in the lining, so the previous owner must have had the same trouble squeezing the amp in.) Nice rugged bag, though.

    - User’s manual and paperwork.

    I’ll pack it carefully and ship it by whatever method you choose. You pay the actual shipping. I’m going to be traveling Oct 7-16, then Oct 25-29. So I can’t ship during those dates.

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