No longer available Walker & Williams 3” Black Leather Padded Guitar Strap G-15

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    Walker & Williams 3” Black Leather Padded Guitar Strap – “open box” condition. I believe this is a “G15”

    A few years ago, I switched to leather straps, and since then, well, to quote a well-known bassist, I went down the proverbial rabbit hole; trying different makers, various types of leather, different widths for different basses, different backings, etc.

    The Walker and Williams straps are an incredible value for the price.

    Unfortunately (for me), as I’ve gone deeper down that rabbit hole, my preference has become more expensive straps (that somehow just keep showing up) – which in turn frees up this strap for you. ;)

    This strap has never been gigged, and not really used much other than adorning one of my lesser played basses - a 5 sting, which I just haven’t been playing in recent years - so I've described it as "open box" condition.

    I actually have 2 of these straps, and they are on my 2 heaviest basses. they are 3” wide and the padding makes them pretty comfortable at that width.

    • Premium Quality Handmade Strap
    • Soft Black Natural Texture Top Welt
    • Ultra Comfortable Padded Glovesoft Back
    • Double Reinforced End Caps
    • Extra Wide at 3" and Adjustable From 43"-52"

    $28.00 shipped continental us

    20200601_164825.jpg 20200601_163840 (2).jpg 20200601_163907 (2).jpg 20200601_164837.jpg 20200601_163950.jpg 20200601_163915.jpg 20200601_163932.jpg