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  1. mrsfnkta


    Dec 7, 2001
    I just picked up a great walnut P-bass that is about to become my project. You fellas seem to be knowledgeable, so hows about a little help (advice)?

    The bass is a Boogie Bodies custom by Charvel-Ellsworth. Walnut body P with maple neck/fingerboard. The whole thing really could use a refinish, although it is in good shape - my main gripe is the cracking in the finish on the fingerboard. It has a sweet brass pickguard which I hope will stay on - if I can get all the other hardware in gold finish! The controls, I assume, are <volume>, <tone>, and some kind of 2-way toggle that gives either a thick bottom end or a bit of a twang.

    So here is what I thought about...

    1. Refinish the body and neck with tung oil (my preference).

    2. Replace the chrome hardware with gold hardware (tuners, bridge, knobs)

    3. Replace the pickup and clean up the electronics! The spring action seems to be gone - it just kind of floats there. It even sneaks up every once in a while and grabs on to the E-string.

    4. Fretless?

    5. Bass tremolo / whammy bar???

    Anybody got any ideas? Thanks.

  2. 1) Good Idea.

    2) Gold? Not my bag, but if you like it, go for it.

    3) If the pup is good, don't replace it, just put new foam under it.

    4) Always.

    5) No (see #4).

  3. The cracking you see is a pretty good sign of a lacquered neck. You can refinish it completely for the long way around or just do the back of the neck to make it easier. I've just done 2 necks in tung oil from a suggestion made over at the MIMF. I really like how they've come out. One is a maple/maple jazz style that I'll coat the fretboard with poly after I've refretted it. The other is a rosewood/maple 5 that really glows now. Since you like Tung oil you will love what it does for a neck.
  4. mrsfnkta


    Dec 7, 2001
    how exactly does one refinish a neck? i mean, what grit sandpaper should i use and what type of tung oil? this is all fairly new to me, but i figure i'm a fairly intelligent guy (i play bass, after all). i also have an inordinate amount of free time. any additional info would be great (either posted here or email me).

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