SOLD Walrus Phoenix Power Supply, Pedaltrain Classic 2 SC, Mantic, Keeley, Mr Black, EHX, and $50 pedals!

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    ADMIN PLEASE DELETE, this post has been split into individual listings

    Click the link after each item for complete manufacturer specs
    Will knock $5 off each additional pedal for combo orders

    Unused mint-as-new in-box:
    <SOLD> $225 Walrus Audio Phoenix 15-output power supply <SOLD>
    Phoenix 15-output Power Supply 120V – Walrus Audio

    $125 Pedaltrain Classic 2 SC <SOLD>
    classic 2

    $100 each
    <SOLD> Mantic Thug (Clean bass boost) <SOLD>
    Thug | Mantic Effects

    <SOLD> Keeley Dyno My Roto (Tri-Chorus / Leslie / Flanger) <SOLD>
    Dyno My Roto - Tri Chorus, Roto Cab, Flanger - Keeley

    <SOLD> EHX Freeze Sound Retainer <SOLD>

    <SOLD> Mr. Black Drunken Monkey Envelope Vibrato <SOLD>
    Drunken Monkey | Mr. Black

    <SOLD> Mr. Black Bass OD <SOLD>
    Black LTD. Bass OD | Mr. Black

    <SOLD> Way Huge Conquistador Fuzzstortion <SOLD>

    <SOLD> Digitech JamMan Solo XT Looper <SOLD>
    DigiTech JamMan Solo XT

    $50 each
    <SOLD> NUX Timecore (6 delay modes and a 40-sec looper w/ tap tempo) <SOLD>
    Time Core Deluxe - Core Series Stompboxes - NUX

    <SOLD> DOD / Black Arts Toneworks Boneshaker Distortion <SOLD>
    DigiTech Boneshaker

    <SOLD> NosePedal triple looper (three loops separate or in combination, no bypass, no box) <SOLD>

    All pedals come w/ the original box and are in excellent condition with minimal use
    USPS Priority or UPS Ground shipping / tracking included on all items

    PayPal / questions: edbocchino (AT) gmail (DOT) com
    Thanks for looking!

    01_phoenix.jpg 02_pedaltrain.jpg 03_mantic_keeley_ehx.jpg 04_mrblack_wayhuge.jpg 05_jamman.jpg 06_timecore.jpg 07_boneshaker.jpg 08_nosepedal.PNG
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