Walter Lure, Johnny Thunders/Heartbreakers, RIP

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    The other guitarist in the band that was the transition between Max’s Kansas City glam and CBGB’s punk, headed, of course, by the New York Dolls’ ill-fated Johnny Thunders. Lure went on to become a stock broker(!). Richard Hell spent time on bass after exiting Television and before forming his Voidoids. The ‘breakers went to England to show the young punk pups over there how it got done, and that unfortunately meant bad NYC habits as well. Speaking of which, while you’ll probably only hear “Chinese Rocks”, I’ll go with this...

    Walter Lure Death - Obituary | Walter Lure Dead - Passed Away - Inside Eko
    Their lone album was produced by Speedy Keane, of Thunderclap Newman.
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    Well that's all of 'em, I guess. Too bad, it was nice to have one Heartbreaker left.
    I was listening to some Thunders bootlegs he was on, and those 2 going back and forth giving each other crap was always funny.

    In addition to his guitar playing, I thought that the way he went out and got a straight job after being a rock star was pretty admirable. He seems to have lived a longer and happier life than a lot of his contemporaries.
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    Sep 8, 2013
    i'm in lex ky, hell is from here.... always thought that was cool, was credited for the punk style clothes he wore
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