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Walter Woods Ultra Blue LED

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Jonathan Starr, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. I'm ready to part with my Walter Woods Blue LED Ultra 1200w Electracoustic amp. It's in Excellent condition, for sale for $2250 including Mooradian gigbag in vg+ condition, and including PAYPAL fee and insured USA shipping.

    I ordered this directly from Walter to replace my Amber LED one, and it has been superb with no issues. It's been used for around 25 coffee house gigs, always sounded great, and it's been lovingly cared for. It resides in a Mooradian gigbag, which is in very good condition, with a bit of tarnish on the buckles and minor scrape marks on the fabric. The amp is exceptionally clean, and the only marks are on one of the two chrome knob thingies on the rear, which is a bit bent. These are used to wind up the power cable when not in use.

    Regards, Jonathan

    Serial Number is: 071204-2







  2. WW speaks !
  3. scotts42

    scotts42 Banned

    Jan 3, 2008
    Indianapolis, IN
    Any Trades?
  4. Jadag


    Mar 19, 2012
    Nassau Bahamas
    Hi Jonathan,
    Long shot I know, but is your WW Ultra still up for sale?
    If so, I would buy it TODAY! Been looking for one, don't want to 'endure' the 1 1/2 yr wait for a new one!!........can you help?
  5. davidhilton

    davidhilton Supporting Member Commercial User

    Apr 13, 2009
    Los Angeles, CA
    hey jadag,
    Are you still looking for a WW Ultra?
    I am getting ready to sell mine.
    Its the 2003 model great condition, and sounds fantastic.
    Lemme know, and we can talk price.
  6. basspipe


    Dec 19, 2004
    Still available?