Walter Woods web page?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Boogie Boy, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. Boogie Boy

    Boogie Boy

    Jan 26, 2003
    Is there a Walter Woods web page? I've read so many positive threads on them (and I happen to be looking for a light weight amp). Are EA cabs a good match for these amps (cxl-112's and 10's)?
  2. DW


    Jun 22, 2000
    No, AFAIK he has never had a website. You have to contact him directly by phone. They are expensive and I understand he has a long waiting list. Do a Google search and you'll find some user reviews.
  3. Rock City

    Rock City

    Apr 8, 2001
    The EA cabs would be fine with a Woods if you like their tone to begin with. The amp has virtually no color, so what you put in, and whatever your speakers are, determines the end result. I have a Woods "ULTRA" that's 1200 watts at 4 ohms and I love it to death!!!!!!! I use mine mostly with 2 Bergantino single 12 cabs, but I have friends that use various other makes and are very happy.
    As for the wait time, I got mine in about 2 weeks. I have referred several other people to Walter since, and the longest wait was about 5 weeks. The "Ultra High Power" is his most popular model, so he builds mostly those these days. The price as of last July was $2215.00 shipped to your door.
    I will not post Walter's number, as he does not like that. I will however give it to you if you email me directly at
  4. I have the WW Hi which is 300watts at8 Ohms or 450 at 4. I love mine, really amazing sound, and I found the tone I have been searching for.
    Call walter (find his number by searching other sites), he is great to talk to. I do not think the wait will be as long as you have heard, but it is a matter of timing. Used heads are hard to find. I was lucky to get one, with the wattage I was looking for fairly quickly.
    An amazing alternative is the Clarus. small and effective. good luck, and may the Woods be with you!