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Wannabe Band Question by new bassist

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by perfdavid, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Ok, here is the deal. I played guitar for a while. I was decent, nowhere near lead material, but I was quick to learn anything with just a little practice. I have been wanting to join a band really really bad for fun. Not a full time deal, just for evenings and wekends.
    I went and bought a Schecter C4 about a month ago and found the transition to not be that difficult. I did this because I know guitarists are a dime a dozen and bands always need bass palyers. I do not need the limelight, I just want to play. I have been practicing everyday and have found that if given the tabluture and a little time to practice with the song, I can pick it up and play it well.
    Now the question. I have never tried to join a band or start one. How good do you need to be to play bass in one. Now I know this is a relative question due to the fact of how good do you want to be, but if I wnat ot play some classic rock or 80s or modern alternative covers, how do I know when I can contact others and try to play bass? For those of you that are in bands, how bad are bassists needed? I know if I found a band and they covered those types of songs, I could get the music, the tab and within a week, play a good bit of them. Any ideas to any of this?
    Thanks guys. I didn't know who else to ask and I figure there would be some great help here.
    P.S. I know someone else just asked a sorta similar question, but it seemed like he was new to a guitar instrument alltogether. I am 31, a professional in heart surgery and have the funds to get equipment.
  2. Theres no "real'" expierience limitation. You could always find people on your own playing level to jam with. Thats probably the best way to go at this point.
  3. Yeah, Idon't want to set the world on fire, got a family and all. I just want to have a good time and play some fun songs that people like to listen to, not songs that are obscure and show a virtuosity in playing. The best "fun" songs are generally the simple ones. I know I will make peole spit out their milk but I just want to stand up there pump out some note is accordance with the bass drum and make the people listening have a good time.
  4. bassbully43


    Jul 1, 2005
    Maybe i can help..i just got back into a real band since high school 25 yars ago. I played guitars forever and a bit of bass here and there. I never really got good enough at guitar although i was told i was a good player..bass just felt right and i play it only now.I played for about a year or so before i tryed out for two local cover bands classic rock and was offered the bass job in both bands. I love it .... I agree it is hard to find bassists here in my area...the local boards have bass players 3-1 over drums ,guitars etc. If there were alot of bass players maybe i wouldnt be playing...i know im good but still am improving. If you can learn the tunes have a decent ear and read a chord chart you are good enough for most bands as long as you practice the music and do your homework. Timing is the thing i preach the most and am still learning. You already know alot of the songs from guitar or the radio...now put them to music...remember also just cuz your new doesnt mean you are deaf...the first band i got in i found out sucked and had a bit of an attiude after the second practice...well i skipped to the band im in now and its great...good luck.
  5. g00eY


    Sep 17, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    i started playing at my church with... no experience. i had picked up the bass a couple times and i knew the notes, but i had no fretboard vision, i need music, and i had no clue what i was doing. now i'm starting to get much better after a year, and i can figure out music by ear, i can play without staring at the fretboard, and i can actually sing (somewhat).
  6. ebladeboi123


    Jul 11, 2005
    Oberlin, Oh
    The best way to start is with no expierence. To let you know how good I was before I started "gigging," I had been a bassist for 3 weeks. We played "waiting" by greenday. It was a very interesting show. But, it's best to just get right into it. And to find a band, just ask around with local musicians. Go to a few shows, ask the bands if they know anyone looking for a bassist. Post a classified. Thats really I can think of.

  7. I start playing bass like right before my band was formed 5 years ago. first band for all of us, all kinda sucked and progressed through the years, now touring europe and working with some top producers in our genre on our new album right now. Hell I think being in a band is a great way to learn. its a great way to progres, with a group.