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Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Jesusrocks, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Jesusrocks


    Jan 20, 2013
    Manchester, CT
    Hi, I have a schecter raiden special-5. I've had this bass for a wile now, love the fast neck, very nice black cherry finish, and it sound great. But ever since I replace the original set of strings, I've been having sustain problem on d string fret 7 to 9. I think part of has something to do with the bridge, so I've been looking for replacement bridge like hipshot or full contact, but will like one that is as "direct replacement" as possible. Maybe is something else. WHAT DO YOU THINK??????
  2. RandyC


    Nov 23, 2016
    I know this is an old thread but I have solved this very issue. The right replacement bridge is one intended for a MusicMan Stingray bass. Caution: There are bridges available that LOOK like the same thing but are 17mm or 18mm string pitch or wider. Most likely you need one with a 16mm string pitch and these are much harder to find. I was looking for gold finish too. I found one for around $27 and it worked perfectly here Bass Parts Resource  :: Music Man Bass Bridges . You can see the crappy S-Tek individual saddles in the first picture. The plus of these saddles is easy string loading/unloading. Bad thing is, you practically have to disassemble each one to make a single intonation adjustment.....put it all back together, check tuning again.....repeat. They are the WORST in this respect! The new MM style bridge, again 16mm pitch, is the perfect answer. A Key note is that while the holes almost line up perfectly (they are not a match) you cannot use them anyway because the original S-Teks had the screws exactly in line with the strings. This one you'll have to center slightly off to make your strings line up where they were before. I used a tape measure as a straight edge to see that I had equal space on the edges of the fret board with the bridge taped down with blue tape, and moved it until I was happy. Mark. Recheck. Recheck. Recheck and then drill pilot holes. Now I have a bridge that can be fine tuned easily and frequently if experimenting with different string gauges. Hopefully someone else will find this useful. I have not picked up my P-Basses since I bought this one over a month ago. I love it. Its not my first Schecter 5-Sting. 1.75" nut and 35" scale....you betcha! Also the front edge of the bridge where I placed it is maybe 1/32" behind the brigde pickup cutout. This gives about 1/4" shorter saddle adjustment (34.75") on the g string....just in case. :)

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