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Wanted: Builder to do DD-7 Modification

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by TOOL460002, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. If Mario/Robot Factory wasn't slammed, I wouldn't be asking this here. Dan Burgess/This 1s Myne was supposed to do this, but his decided to stall 1.5 years and then kept my money, so here I am looking for any trustworthy suggestions. Here it is:

    The DD-7 has the one on/off switch on the face, and a 1/4" input for a tap tempo on the right side of it. I want the big on/off switch on the front downsized to your standard stomp switch, and have it be on the left. I want the stomp input the be a normal stomp switch to the right of it. This would have tap tempo and on/off all on the face.

    Mario did the same thing for me on a Bass MuRF, so I know it's possible. On his design, I could also plug a 1/4" into the master tap tempo on the back and this would override the one on the face. The advantage of this all would be if I wanted to have a universal tap tempo on my board, the override option would let me sync the MuRF and DD-7 to the same tap tempo.

    I can wait a month or so until Mario isn't slammed, although he would be my first choice, especially since he's done this before, albeit on another unit, but, well, he is busy! So, anyone know a trustworthy builder that'd do this and do it right?

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