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Warlocks and BadAss Bridges, yay or nay? Also a problem with my nut...

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Santa Kraut, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. I was thinking of slapping on a badass bridge on my Platinum Warlock because the stock bridge's action is a touch too high for me and the sustain is lacking. I know it will requiring drilling extra screw holes (as the stock bridge has a screw in each corner where the badass has 5 screwholes in a line) but would it be worth it? I plan on taking it to a professinal because A) I don't trust my self drilling into my bass and B) they could take care of setting up the saddles. What do you guys think?

    Also, my E string has been rattling alot as of late. I took it in to my local shop and all the guy did was put a touch of super glue on the nut. This fix worked for about 3 hours then it went back to rattle just as bad as before. Is there anything I can do or should I just replace the stock plastic nut with a chrome or graphite nut?
  2. A Badass bridge will more than likely raise your action, not lower it. Have you adjusted the saddles? IIRC, the stock BC Rich bridges are about the same size as Fender. A Badass, may help with sustain, I'm of the opinion that high mass bridges do nothing for sustain, but YMMV.

    I do recommend upgrading the nut. Get either bone, graphite, or brass. I prefer graphite.
  3. Well, I adjusted the saddles as far as they can go and it's still pretty high. I had a badass on my old bass before it was wrecked and I remember getting really action so I thought it was because of the bridge. And it isn't because it needs a setup because I had one done last week and it's still high. But would it be worth having the extra holes drilled?
  4. Thats really up to you. If you plan on keeping it forever, and think adding the bad ass would benefit the bass, then go for it. Keep in mind that most mods do nothing for resale, and may in fact lower the resale.

    Try putting a shim in the neck before you drop on a new bridge. Shimming your neck will lower your action, and it's not a permanent mod.

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