Warm 8-string sound?

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  1. OK, so I finally satisfied my GAS for an 8-string with a used Washburn RB-2802. I held my breath and got it from Ebay - it arrived in one piece, no dents or dings, and seems to play very nicely. I have yet to take it to my local luthier for the primo set-up, but initial impression is positive. It does need new strings. Please pardon me if this subject has been beat to death, but (my) IMWTK.

    My question is: I want to get a warm, clear, chiming tone from this guitar to augment some of the acoustic stuff my band does. What strings would the list's collective wisdom suggest?
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    I play an 8-string quite a bit. There are not that many choices for a set of 8-string strings, so if you want very certain sounds, you may have to "roll your own" by buying singles and piecing them together.

    The number one thing you can do is play with your fingers. A pick is always going to make your D and G pairs sound very bright, and the octave on those strings can be overwhelming. Proper EQ helps quite a bit, you should EQ differently for an 8-string than a 4, and a tube preamp I have found helps a lot as well.
  3. When I had one I used a set of SIT strings on it, which are nickel. I used the set with a .95 E instead of the .90 E. Less twang. They sounded really great.
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    I usually use D'Addario XL-8's (nickel roundwound) just because they're the only 8-string set typically available at almost any music store in the world...but when I'm feeling especially particular I'll buy a wound string for the octave G, that makes a huge difference in "warming" up what can otherwise be a somewhat strident string pair.
  5. I use a set of piccolo and a set of .045-.105 together. :bassist: