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Warman bass MM style humbuckers review...

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Tigerclaw_x, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Tigerclaw_x


    Apr 25, 2016
    Having picked up Laguna LB524, I was in conundrum. I loved the look and feel of the bass. The sound was... not bad, not good... just meh. At first I wanted to put M.E.C pickups, however, after taking a look at the price of those, I took a shot of vodka to wash down my heart that jumped to my throat as I looked at the price, and searched for alternative. That's when I found Warman pickups. The person who was doing reviews for Wilkinsons at youtube mentioned Warman too. and spoke highly of them. I wrote to them asking what I need the pickups to do (good midrange and growly), I was assured that they will do just that. And I purchased them.
    When they arrived I was VERY much impressed on how well they were crafted and how precise the logo was etched in. They packaged them nice and well too. Not a scratch, and they came Ground mail all the way from Misty Albion. The home of Winston Churchill, Gerald Durell, Arthur Conan Doyle, Mad Jack Churchill (no relation to Sir Winston) and... Iron Maiden as well as quite a few other bands (Saxon)... It didn't take much to install them, they fit right into the opening in my Laguna (or Lagoona).
    Sound. I expected them to sound like Warwick Rockbass Corvette (waffen???) $$ - warm and growly. Sorta like a tiger purring. Why I was expecting that - I do not know... They are NOT that.
    Every heard an angry jaguar growling. It has very specific tone. That's what the pickups sound - Roaring Jaguar or Leopard. This pickup does NOT growl - it ROARS, it is bright, but not as bright as EMG. Definitely warmer, but brighter than MEC. and the growl is... AMAZING. Very nice clear lows, very precise highs and VERY VERY nice mid tone.
    I am a student of bass, having picked up bass at 40.. Played for about year. While it is definitely suited for Metal, especially German Power Metal, my father (a jazz bassist), gave it a whirl and said that it is "Not bad at all" and that he would not be ashamed of playing this if his 1962 orange Fender P bass would be in the shop. My teacher Paul, compared it favorably to his G&L. Bass sounded even angrier when you play slap style or with a pick. The owner of "Dr Woods Guitar Emporium" was also highly impressed with them.
    Overall, I want to say HUGE "Thank you" to Warman Guitars for wonderful pickups. I FULLY recommend Warman Pickups to any and all bass and guitar players.
    I can record it playing on my smart phone but the dubulous quality of such recording would not do justice to the pickups.

    P.S. I am in NO way shape or form affiliated with Warman Guitars. I do NOT know any of them personally.. I am NOT getting paid or rewarded for this review...
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  2. @Tigerclaw_x
    Good to hear from another enjoying Warman pickups. I'm a big fan of their Jazzbar pickup,fitted 2 in my Peavey Zephyr 5 and the blades were more than wide enough to span 5 strings. Strange they don't get much praise on TB but it's mostly Americans here and they tend to stick with the advertised brands .
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  3. ERIC31


    Jul 1, 2002
    Maricopa, AZ
    2B6D6592-D1CE-4F7A-B639-3F98E730C007. I saw this Warman pup on eBay and came right here to TB to see if anyone had used them. I need a humbucker for my OLP 5 string that will give it the zing that I want. The pickup I have in there now is still muddy even with an aftermarket preamp. Hopefully the Warman will do the trick and give me the growl that I want! The price is definitely right as well.
  4. Axstar


    Jul 8, 2016
    East of Eden.
    I have a Warman PJ pickup set somewhere. Nothing really to report. Hot, ceramic pickups that cost under £30 for the set. Big chunky magnets glued to the back, cheap plastic flatwork, big snotty overwound tone from the J pickup...

    Warman isn't winding these pickups themselves, simply re-branding generic OEM parts. If they are making a profit on a £15 pickup then you can imagine that they are pretty cheap from the OEM. Having said that, pickups are basic objects so there is nothing inherently wrong with a £15 P pickup.

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