For Sale Warmoth 5 string bass neck 22fret (Fender)

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    Warmoth Dlx 5 bass neck , 22fret, 4+1 headstock, 1 3/4" nut , rosewood fingerboard, birdseye maple neck base , hi gloss finish . Beautiful neck with a few defects, 1. tuner holes were slightly reamed out of round to mount tuners , rookie mistake. Traditional Fender tuners would cover underside tuner holes but if you use ultralight tuners they do show a little. 2. retainer bar mounted at a slight angle but does the job with plenty of clearance and a small pilot hole just next to mounting screw. The neck is a bit on the chunky side so if you have big hands this would be a nice neck for you. Neck comes with string retainer bar . LOWER PRICE ! $325. shipped . Domestic shipping only.

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