Warmoth 5 String Fretless

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  1. This is the Warmoth 5 string I am putting together. This is my first time doing this, so I would really appreciate it if someone looked over the parts and labor list I put together. Have I missed something? Did over/under estimate anything? What questions should I be asking Warmoth? (I hear that once the order is placed, they don't like to make changes.)

    Also, where can I get a good book on guitar wiring and finishing?
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    Why don't you want them to drill the neck screw holes?
  4. Looks good to me. I'm building one of my own design. your parts list looks pretty complete.

    As for books on wiring, I got the new StewMan catalog yesterday, and right on the cover were books for wiring. They have books for every job an instrument builder can think of. I'd start there for the books.

    Take pics of your progress, so we can all see your project from start to finish. :D
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    If you have a good local shop, haven't got experience assembling basses, and really want it to turn out good, I would recommend having the local shop assemble the bass from the parts you supply. That is if they will and you're comfortable with that. I did that with the green custom jazz bass in my avatar and it turned out fantastic. I've assembled basses from parts, and I wouldn't do it with high quality parts if you don't really know what you're doing. I'd do a low end "spare" bass myself any day, but not a bass that I want to be really nice.
  6. Because I want to use threaded inserts. Also, I will use a 5 or 6 bolt pattern. (The luthier will decide.)

  7. I plan to finish the body, shield the electronics cavities, install the electronics, mount the bridge, (it will be pre-drilled), attach the tuners, and the strap buttons. I think I should be able to handle these parts of the assembly. Drilling and attaching the neck, and cutting the nut will be done by a professional. Do you think I am trying to do to much?
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    warmouth products are the best!!!!!!!! I have a maple/pao farro neck that I inlaid the fretmarkers my self. I LOVE IT!!!!. I also just bought all the parts for a 5 sting jazz/mm. I went nuts on the electronics. www.stewmac.com has some wiring diagrams online. By the way, if you didnt order the body yet, do yourself a favor and get it drilled for an electrosocket jack instead. they are really quality. I got a strat jack, and installed it upsidedown towards the bridge, like steve bailiey's bass. (I thought it was a great idea) those guys are really nice, and they know what they are doing. You should lookinto the string-through bridge its a beautiful honkin piece of brass. I got mine in all chrome. Checkout the guitar re-ranch for some quality finishes and instructions. Give me an email for any wiring help I wired both of my basses

    if you have a solider pen, do the electronics, its really easy. and I think you should be able to atatch the neck it was cake for me. my neck and body joint was so tight I didnt even have to clamp them together to drill my holes.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion on the socket.
    Bridge will be a brass Hipshot type 'A'. It will be set up for either through body or through bridge stringing. Thanks for the offer for help in wiring. I look you up when the time comes.
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    Only you can answer that question. The only thing that I've found to be especially tricky at times is mounting the tuners. It sucks to crack the headstock because the holes are just the tiniest little bit too small for the tuner rings. Believe me I know about this. :(
  11. Thanks for the warning!
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    Is Warmoth still around? I have tried to find them for a couple of days. Is their site down?
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    I found it sorry! I got scared and thought they went out of business.