Warmoth Collection, PJ and fretted and fretless Gecko 6s

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    Jul 6, 2003
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    Hi gang!

    I'm thinning the herd. All three basses have sat largely unused for a year now so it is time to let them go... I worked for Warmoth for several years and hand picked each component. These are great parts and great builds.

    - Buyer pays shipping and I can take Paypal.
    - Again, thinning the herd. I'm not really interested in trades unless you have something incredible.
    - FYI, I am only on TB about once a day in the evenings. If I do not respond immediately, it is because I am away from my computer.

    PBass build with JBass neck.
    - Alder body (@4lb 8oz) in vintage white. One large chip and minor, light scratching.
    - Maple/rosewood neck in vintage tint gloss. The neck has the slim taper contour and steel rods.
    - Pickups are Rio Grande Muy Grande's. Passive stacked vol/vol and tone.
    - Bridge is a discontinued Gotoh 206 thru body. **Warmoth does not currently offer any 4 string thru body bridge routs. Again, this is a discontinued option.
    - It will not ship with a case. I can always pick one up at the buyer's cost. If you prefer, I can disassemble the bass for shipping.
    - Asking $775.
    - **NOTE: The extra neck shown in the picture has already been sold! **

    9258719928_e4db9cc9f7_z. 9258718112_f06334739d. 9258719262_0674cb4003. 9249587103_73e47b6839.

    Fretless Gecko 6!!! - SOLD
    This is a beast! I just don't play fretless enough to merit keeping it around. Not the lightest girl at the dance @ 11-12lb total.

    - Mahogany body with high grade, hand picked, figured koa top and maple accent line.
    - The neck is wenge/purpleheart with black ebony board and black graphite nut. The neck suffered from blowout during construction and was repaired. No structural issues, but a small chunk blew out in the upper register. See picture.
    - Bart P4 routs that are loaded with passive Villex pickups and their mid-EQ system. Controls are vol/vol/treble cut/mid cut.
    - Bridge is a string thru Hipshot A (16.5mm)
    - Schaller strap buttons.
    - This bass will ship with a Lakland gig bag.
    - Asking $1200.

    9249585071_f768d9a711. 9252366690_f3a80039e0. 9252366058_d4e0c32fc6.

    Fretted Gecko 6!!! - SOLD!!!
    This is truly a unique Gecko with custom options. Total weight comes in just under 9.5lbs. You will find this bass featured on the Gecko 6 body page at Warmoth.

    - Swamp ash body with black accent line and spalted/flame maple top. Warmoth does not offer spalted maple as an option on Gecko bodies. It took me quite a while digging through the unique choice section to find a spalted maple piece that would not crack during the bent top process. Finish is an extra light vintage tint gloss.
    - The neck maple/bubinga with maple board and matching spalt maple pegface. The neck is a custom 2" width with thinner back contour and white corian nut. The neck was custom shaved for me. Finish is a matching extra light vintage tint gloss
    - Custom Nordstrand Fat Stacks in 17mm spacing. Special ordered from Nordstrand.
    - Electronics are an Aguilar OBP-2 with vol,vol,bass/treble controls. Pulling up on each volume taps the respective pickup for single coil mode.
    - Bridge is a Hipshot A (17mm). This is a custom option.
    - Schaller strap buttons.
    - This bass will ship with a Protec gigbag.
    - Asking $1300.

    3520519736_0f28cd36bb. 3520520084_de5022d0e3. 3520519912_f266c5e7d7.
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    Jul 6, 2003
    South Hill, WA

    Anyone?? Bueller??
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    Jul 6, 2003
    South Hill, WA
    Fretless Gecko on hold pending payment.