Warmoth, Double reverse P...Lee Sklar routing

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  1. A couple months back I commissioned Warmoth to custom build me a 'Lee Sklar' routed bass, made from 1 solid piece of Walnut; satin finish. Double reverse P (EMG's, like Lee's). I threw a reissue '62 Jazz neck on it and a Gotoh bridge and this thing sounds HUGE...a great sounding bass. But...for this guy...call me a sissy...that walnut is heavy! So the neck came off and I'm having them build me another one (alder). Anyway, I'm offing this one...just get yourself a replacement neck and plug it in. Trust me, if you like the feel of the 70's Fenders, this one nails it. I paid just over $500 to equip it as is, but I'll take the first $250 offer or make your own offer...it has to be sold so...email me at the_sentry@hotmail.com