Warmoth fretless Gecko 6 and PJ Bass

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    Jul 6, 2003
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    Hi gang!

    I'm selling off a couple items. Both basses have sat largely unused for a year now so it is time to let them go... I worked for Warmoth for several years and hand picked each component. These are great parts and great builds. Buyer pays shipping and I can take Paypal. FYI, I am only on TB about once a day in the evenings. If I do not respond immediately, it is because I am away from my computer.

    PBass build with JBass neck. Alder body (@4lb 8oz) in vintage white, maple/rosewood neck in vintage tint gloss. The neck has the slim taper contour and steel rods. Pickups are Rio Grande Muy Grande's and the bridge is a discontinued Gotoh 206 thru body. Only one large chip and minor, light scratching. It will not ship with a case. I can always pick one up at the buyer's cost. If you preferred, I can disassemble the bass for shipping. $875. **NOTE: The extra neck shown in the picture has already been sold!

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Fretless Gecko 6!!! This is a beast! I just don't play fretless enough to merit keeping it around. Mahogany body with high grade, hand picked, figured koa top. Bart P4 routs that are loaded with passive Villex pickups and their mid-EQ system. Bridge is a Hipshot A with Schaller strap buttons. Not the lightest girl at the dance @ 11-12lb total. The neck is wenge with black ebony board. The neck suffered from blowout during construction and I repaired it. No structural issues, but a small chunk blew out in the upper register. See picture. Tuners are Gotoh and has a black graphite nut. This bass will ship with a Lakland gig bag. $1200.