SOLD Warmoth fretless jazz neck birdseye maple and lined ebony board with epoxy finish, loaded

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    I got this neck from a part out here for a planned fretless build that hasn't happened. Jazz width 1.5”, weight is 3 lbs 2 oz. Beautiful birdseye figuring. The epoxy coat on the board has some marks from round wounds. When I got it the nut was so low that the strings had left some slight indents in the board wood above it, so I replaced it with a new TUSQ XL. Installed black Hipshot tuners included. $275 shipped ConUS.

    WarmothFretless_01.JPG WarmothFretless_02.JPG WarmothFretless_03.JPG WarmothFretless_04.JPG WarmothFretless_05.JPG WarmothFretless_06.JPG
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