No longer available Warmoth Fretless Neck Ebony Board

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    Dec 4, 2008
    I just got this neck but my build might go in a different direction. Thought I would offer it up to pass on the great deal I got. This is an older Warmoth Fretless jazz width (1.5") neck with ebony board. Slight round wear on it but nothing major. As you can see, it has had a myriad of tuners on it in it's life. Also, there was some type of crack and repair on the heel and board. Looks solid to me but I tried to show it in the pics. The truss rod seems to tighten fine...there seems to be a slight backbow with no tension on it. That to me has always meant I could get the board flat to my liking. All of this was disclosed to me when I purchased it and I thought it to be a very useable neck. If it doesn't sell, I won't mind keeping it around....but my workspace is always limited so I try to keep it as uncluttered as I can.

    I also have a set of HB3 tuners with D Tuner I might sell. These are some of my favorites but if someone was interested I could probably make a nice package deal.

    Any questions please PM me.

    $85.00 shipped within US.

    Thanks for reading!


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    He's at it again with yet another killer deal! Couldn't ask for a finer person to deal with! He is all that and a bag of chips! Make that a family-size bag of chips! LOL
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    You are too kind sir!!!