SOLD Warmoth Jazz Body Fiesta Red-Routed Only for P pickup-Mark Hoppus Style

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  1. Price:
    This is a loaded body only, neck not included. Id prefer not to sell it part by part and if so id like the body to sell solo before piecing it out, price on just the body $250, please dont ask for the price other parts until i announce the body is sold.

    The specs-

    *Warmoth Fiesta Red Nitro Jazz Body-As you can see its only been routed for a P pickup, it was never a J converted into a P but made to Order. It has 6-7 little chips in the finish a example of one is pointed to in a photo.

    *Warmoth Pickguard, made for this type of conversion but hand cut a little sloppy, no idea why.

    *Seymour Duncan Sp-2 pickups

    * CTS pots

    *62 RI control Plate, thus its 3 holes for a Volume and Tone plus jack

    *Badass II bridge

    $399 Shipped

    00E0E_kYUM0Z9Lo6U_1200x900.jpg 00F0F_5dxbhCfouT1_1200x900.jpg 00W0W_6m5yXMAlo2A_1200x900.jpg 00707_iECVyePBzUm_1200x900.jpg 00909_1tIsZeMIIsc_1200x900.jpg 01313_fH02A3juWTz_1200x900.jpg

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  2. MKD


    Oct 29, 2012
    Any chance this body is still available?