For Sale Warmoth jazz body, loaded

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    Thinking about selling it and IMG_0335.JPG IMG_0336.JPG IMG_0337.JPG IMG_0338.JPG if there is any interest. This is actually a very nice bass, currently mated to a fretless neck. I bought it new several years ago and have played it a lot. It is a genuine relic- has Several chips in Antique White finish, not dents. I bought it to replace the body on an American '75 Reissue that weighed like 12.5 lbs so I picked a very lightweight swamp ash body. Bass weighs 8 lbs, 13 oz with current neck. Pickups and control plate/pots/jack are from the '75 Reissue. Bridge is a Leo Quan Badass- not notched except slightly by the roundwounds. All parts? pickguard with nice brown tortoise finish. Fender thumbrest. Schaller or Fender strap buttons. Neck plate is genuine Fender. Price is pretty firm but may part out if anyone wants parts off it. Plus $25 shipping
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    What did you do with the very heavy RI body? Still got it?
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  3. Sold it yrs ago. It went to Europe
  4. Free shipping
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  5. Bridge has been sold so price dropped by $50
  6. 60s or 70s spacing?
  7. 60s spacing!
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  8. I've included a '74 AVRI bridge. To recap- USA Fender bridge, pickups, control plate and knobs, pots etc, hardware. All parts pick guard. Warmoth ash body. All for less than I paid for the body alone.
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    Still available?