SOLD Warmoth Jazz Neck, Slim Taper, Graphite Rods

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  1. Price:
    $250.00 via Paypal, shipped ConUS.

    Maple neck
    Indian rosewood fretboard
    1.5" jazz nut width
    Slim taper profile
    6105 Fretwire
    Graphite rods
    Round heel
    Pre-slotted nut
    G&L string tree installed
    Factory clear nitro finish
    17.5 mm tuner mounting holes
    1 lb 13 oz (w/ string tree)

    Neck is in great shape and stable. Heel-adjust truss rod works perfectly. There are four small holes drilled in the headstock, used for mounting a set of 1/2" Hipshot Ultralight tuners (not included in sale). A new neck with the same specs would run at least $380.

    Disclosures: There is a series of small dings on the back of the neck extending from about the 8th fret to the 13th, just behind the E string. I suspect they were caused by a fretboard being pressed into the back of the neck. I never used the neck in a way that this could have happened while in my possession. I originally purchased this neck from Warmoth's gallery, so I think it was sold to me this way. Shame on me for not thoroughly inspecting it when it arrived. I had the neck installed for about 4 months before I even noticed them. You can feel these ridges with your thumb if you're looking for them. I tried to show the dings as best I could, but they're so shallow, they are difficult to photograph well. I think they may be shallow enough that they could probably be easily steamed or sanded out.

    IMG_3353.JPG IMG_3352.JPG IMG_3355.JPG IMG_3356.JPG IMG_3367.JPG
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    PM sent!
  3. SOLD!
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