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  1. I have wanted a fretless Jazz V for about...I'd say...20 years. Problem is that Fender doesn't make them. Yeah, you can get a custom-made non-Fender Jazz V in a fretless...but it would probably cost and arm and a leg.
    So I started looking through Warmoth's site and "built" one on there, but then I realized that their necks are designed for 17.5mm.
    This throws a lot of part choices right out the window, especially pickups.
    Standard Fender Jazz V pickups are designed for 19mm, so how do the pole pieces line up with the strings?
    Has anyone done 19mm on their Warmoth Jazz V? I know they have a page on their site discussing strain spacing, and it can be done but not recommended.
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    17.5mm has been the spacing on Fender 5-strings going way back (in particular on the 22-fret Deluxe models that the Warmoth Jazz 5's were based on for a long time), and Fender has only offered wider spacing in the last few years, so it could be said that 17.5mm is "standard" for Fender 5's.

    There are plenty of Jazz 5 pickups available for 17.5mm spacing, and there are several different actual pickup sizes for "Jazz 5 pickups" (some use the same size pickup cases as the 4-string, others are longer variations). So, you'll need to be careful and measure to be sure you're getting a pickup that fits no matter what.

    As for doing 19mm on a Warmth Jazz 5, the problem is that the neck is a little narrow to make 19mm spacing work at the bridge, and the strings will end up closer to the edge of the neck than most people like. See
    Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts - Deluxe 5 String Spacing

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    It's doable. I just PMed you.
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