SOLD Warmoth Lined Fretless P Bass Neck w/Slim Taper & Satin Vintage Tint

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    Warmoth Maple/RW Lined Fretless P Bass Neck.I never thought the day would come that I would sell this neck...but alas, fretless (even WITH lines) is not my thing! Traded right here on TB a brand new Warmoth fretted neck for this incredibly smooth and thin (front to back) neck! 1"11/16ths nut width, Corian nut and the beautiful Satin Vintage Tint in addition to the highly sought after Slim Taper. Previous owner and myself both used Rounds on this neck, so the fretboard is not perfect. Also, has had tuners of varying sizes, so quite a few screw holes (as shown). You would need a tuner with a larger footprint to cover them all. Plenty of pics to showoff the benefits and flaws. $160 OBO Shipped CONUS. 20180313_174146.jpg 20180313_174048.jpg 20180313_174102.jpg 20180313_174122.jpg 20180313_174205.jpg 20180313_174222.jpg 20180313_174230.jpg 20180313_174249.jpg 20180313_174312.jpg
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