SOLD Warmoth Medium scale MM / jazz body

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    Mar 5, 2013
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    For sale:

    a custom made, walnut body
    with MM / J pickup routing. $245 shipped, CONUS. $220 for local pickup.

    Currently mated to a 32" Warmoth neck.

    The back is routed for active circuitry, if desired.

    From the previous owner - -
    "The bass is complete except for electronics. This is a Warmoth 32 inch scale maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Now the info on the body comes from person who sold it to me. He told me he used to work at Breedlove and acquired an amazing piece of super flamey Claro Walnut. He then went to work at Warmoth and had them make him this body. As you can see it is the medium scale J body with routing for MM and J pups."

    warmoth 6.png

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