Warmoth neck & body, parts, amps, cabs

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    Feb 13, 2004
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    Warmoth J5 body. Solid walnut, routed for bridge sized J pickups. Set up for Gotoh bridge, string thru. Tung oil finish, never used. $150

    Warmoth neck for same, birdeye, fretless unlined ebody. Black gotoh tuners. $200

    Gotoh 5 bridge, black. Missing intonation screws, but has saddle locking screws. $25

    Ampeg V6B head. Old, ugly, loud. $125

    Kustom T&R 2x15 cab, black. Speakers work, don't know what they are. Honestly, I have not seen this cab for 2 years, could be trashed. If it is still OK, $125

    Ampeg SVT50DL. This the "isovent" cab. Two 15s, two 10's (eden, if I recall) and a tweet. $350

    Peavey 1516 with brand new, as of this moment still in the box, 1502-4RB basket for the BW. I can put the basket on the old magnet, or give it to the buyer. $150

    OLD steinberger L2 fretless. This one was originally fretted. Could use a trip to the 'moose, if one wanted it to be original-fretted. Raised letter EMG P/Us, serial # is in the low 20s, not 2000s or 200s, but twenties. $2500
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    Aug 1, 2004
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    PM Sent.

    (Just when I thought I was safe)
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    Feb 14, 2004
    Is your Warmoth walnut Jazz body still available?