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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by count_funkula, Sep 6, 2001.

  1. count_funkula

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    Dec 13, 1999
    Greenville, Tx
    I was just thinking how cool it would be to build my own P-Bass instead of buying one from Fender.

    What type of wood did Fender use on the bodies of the 60's Precisions? What would be the best pickups to duplicate that vintage sound?

    I know the wood won't be aged but I would like to get the best combinations of woods and electronics available to duplicate the fatness of an old P.
  2. Nino Valenti

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    Feb 2, 2001
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    Depending on finish Fender used/still uses Alder or Ash. Ash looks nicer on transparents colors & the Alder is as nice looking but has nice tonal qualities.

    You could look into Custom Shop Fender p/u's, Sadowsky pickups, Seymour Duncan Antiquity's to duplicate vintage fender bass sounds.

    I've built a few Warmoth basses & IMO they're MUCH better than any stock Fender I've played. Good luck!!!!.

    <a href="http://www.theoremnyc.cjb.net"><img width=385 height=70 src="http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1174383&a=8647027&p=41535909&Sequence=0&res=high" border=0></a>
  3. eli

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    Dec 12, 1999
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    I bought my P body from Warmoth in Western bigleaf (soft) maple (yes, it's bright sounding) but I've always heard that the warmest sound comes from swamp ash, a lighter and more expensive grade of ash.

    In any event, I would encourage you to build your own bass! It is not that tough a project, though filling the grain on Ash is something I didn't have to deal with at all on my maple body (one of the reasons I chose maple). It is EXTREMELY gratifying to take the fruit of your own handiwork out to a gig and make music with it! Plus you can have the knobs and pickups laid out just how YOU want 'em.
  4. Rick Martin

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    May 18, 2000
    Clearwater, FL.
    I just finished my P bass project using a swamp ash body from the Warmoth thrift shop @$150. I used one of those Maple/maple necks that you see on Ebay all the time from Magic Dragon, SD Qtr pounder pup, Gotoh 201, white pearloid pg from Warmoth which is made of old fashioned celluloid. I finished the body as a natural following the instructions and using the materials from Guitar Reranch. I even had a sign shop make me a little decal for the headstock. I spent just under $500 and have myself a killer axe. $70 of that and most of the time was spent on the finishing process. It's the best looking natural I've ever seen. I like Fenders but this ain't no Fender. It's much better than a Fender, it's a Martin.
  5. eli

    eli Mad showoff 7-stringer and Wish lover Supporting Member

    Dec 12, 1999
    NW suburban Chicago