Warmoth PJ - A Beautiful Lightweight Beast

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  1. Ampig

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    SOLD This is just a great looking, sounding and playing bass. Here are the details:
    Warmoth Dinky P ash body (fully shielded)
    Allparts P width neck
    John East BTB-01 preamp
    Basslines "QuarterPound" P pickup
    Wilkinson J pickup
    Hipshot HB-3 reverse tuners
    Hipshot "Vintage" bridge
    Stew-Mac roller string retainer
    Controls: volume(pull for active bypass), tone (concentric bass & treble with treble boost pull), pickup blend
    Fiinish: body & neck professionally lacquer finished by master luthier David Merrill in vintage burst. note- both sides of the headstock and the back of neck are also lightly bursted. This is a gorgeous bass
    Weight: 7 lbs
    Ships in your choice of Roadrunner polyfoam case or heavy duty Baja gigbag

    $550 shipped to 48 contiguous states
  2. Ampig

    Ampig Supporting Member

  3. Maestro & Muse

    Maestro & Muse

    Jan 7, 2010
    Bickety bam! Some great fretless plans for this puppy.
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