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Warmoth replacement necks

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by bassist31588, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. Hey, I've sorta realized that $450 ish for a six string bass is going to lead me to wanting a better one and shopping around AGAIN... So screw that, money's low...

    My Mexi-Fender Jazz bass's neck just seems a little too... beginnerish and it buzzes a bit more than I'd like it too. Went through Setups but I simply like as low action as possible. So I want a bass I could use primarily for slap, and was wondering how a Bound Maple fingerboard neck would sound. The one's made by warmoth http://warmoth.com/Bass/necks/Binlay.htm (scroll down to bindging)... This way I can let the strings just DIE on my five string, and I can get that mellow tone I like to use for fingerstyle, and I can have my other bass, my fender jazz 4 for that marcus/ray riendeau slap tone.

    After this I'd like to upgrade the pickups as they too are starting to be scratchy, but any comments on the warmoth? Is it pretty easy to make the mistakes of drilling the holes for the neck bolts and drilling too deep right through/into the fingerboard? Cuz I certainly am pretty dumb and am known for making mistakes when I usually think I have things under conrol:rolleyes: ;)

    Anyways, comments on those warmoth limited run bound and blocked necks.......

    Can anyone also compare the tone of the same neck just without the binding? Is the binding what really gets me that slap tone I dig (and besides, it looks cool too):meh:..... just wondering if the binding is really worth the extra $100...