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  1. I about ready to start ordering parts for a Warmoth bass. Right now I'm trying to decide exactly what I want to build.

    One choice is a 5 string with a jazz body and EMG soap bars. A couple of questions:

    - How is the B string on these Warmoth basses?
    - What would be the best position to place the

    I want a bass with a good modern fingerstyle sound.
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    A bit more $$$, but have you looked at the Gecko?
  3. I used to play a Warmoth 5-String with J-Bass body and EMG soapbars. It had an ash body, birdseye maple neck with rosewood fretboard. I got it used for about $1250. The sound was OK but nothing really exciting. The B-String was OK. A little bit better than the MIA Fender 5-Strings at that time (around 97).

    It is probably fun to put it together, but you really don't now what it will sound like. I was thinking about that too and did a ruff calculation. Without any finish for a 4-String with active electronics I would have paid about $750. And you don't know if it turns out good. It can be great but it also can be real crap.

    But if you do let me know how it turned out. This is a project I would like to do if I had some money in the bank.
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    Paging Nino, Paging Nino. Will Nino please pick up the white phone ?

    I've got a Warmoth Gecko 5 and the B is great - in fact it was so good I've dropped it to an A. Bear in mind though that the Gecko is a 35" scale neck, not a 34" so this may not relate to their other necks. Nino will be along sometime - he's 'da man- he knows it all !!

    There is a very good thread on warmoths with lots of pictures etc quite recently (wow its already 3 pages back)