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  1. I'm thinking of starting a project bass, and was wondering the reputation of Warmoth? Is there anything better?
  2. Astroman

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    Feb 4, 2002
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    Excellent stuff!
    I have a Warmoth P/J 4 I had assembled and finished by a local guitar tech. It is an alder body with a 4A maple top, birdseye maple neck with pau ferro fretboard, Schaller hardware, Aero Instrument pickups, and a Bartolini 2-band pre-amp. It sounds fantastic!! -- Fender's custom shop couldn't touch it!! Necks are rock solid, bodies are acoustically perfect, and they form fit together like a glove. I ran into problems with a bad finish because the local tech was a jackass who didn't know what he was doing, so I wish I would have let Warmoth do it. I took it to a pro finsh man who did it right in my favorite color -- a transluscent green. I'll do a Jazz project someday and let Warmoth do the finish for sure!
    Unfortunately kit guitars and basses don't hold much resale value, but if you know exactly what your after --understanding wood components, pickups and electronics -- you can get a killer instrument you will want to keep. I own a couple of hand made basses but I still love my Warmoth for its "Super P-Bass" tone and playability. I plan to keep it!
    An excellent company with very reasonable prices, state-of-the-art equipment, great customer service and quick delivery. Hard to beat that!
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    Apr 8, 2001
    www.usacustomguitars.com Tommy, the owner, was a former Warmoth guy and his stuff is even better! His customer service is far better too. Lots of MAJOR manufacturers have switch to him to do their work.
  4. I can't praise Warmoth enough. Best quality, sound, etc. My Warmoth is the only bass I use. I wouldn't trade it for any bass. My next bass will be a Warmoth too. I highly recommend it.
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    Put a check next to my name for Warmoth, too! I've got two warmoth basses - an unlined fretless jazz 4 string and a Gecko 5 string - and they both play like buttah, look beautiful and sound kick ass! I played the Corpus Cristi jazz festival and numerous people thought my fretless jazz sounded better than my american standard (with J-retro).

    and the wood is sooooo nice :D
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    They are Really nice guys, and they can do just about anything. Plus, when it's all said and done, you get a really top of the the line bass for a hunk of change that's not to hard on the wallet.

    And I can't say USAcustomguitars.com really impressed me with their web presence. They are kinda lacking as far as the online browsing thing goes. Warmoth OTOH...
  8. I'm working on a Warmoth P-bass right now. All I have purchased so far is the body and it is excellent. Once I get the neck I will be able to tell you more.