WARNING: The Boss GT-10B does NOT have dual preamps!!!

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  1. Just a heads up, the GT-10B does not have dual preamps. I bought mine to replace a POD X3L, and I used to play with a bass preamp on one channel and a distorted guitar preamp blended in from the other channel.

    On the 10B you can have one amp and that's it. I can't even see the point of the second channel if you can't put a preamp on it. I called Boss to confirm this and yep sadly it's true. Their whole marketing campaign centers around the amazing parallel chain ability, and it's pretty much a misleading lie. The GT-10 guitar pedal has dual preamps, so there seems to be no reason that the 10B does not. When you consider that compared to the 10, the 10B has less amp sims, less effects, less overdrives/distortions, and less wahs, the lack of dual preamps seems like a massive slap in the face.

    For more info have a look at the full thread on the Boss GT forum.

    If you are considering buying a GT-10B for this purpose, think again. :(
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    Aug 27, 2004
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    Thanks man! Thats good to know. I didn't get the bass version - I bought the guitar version.

    I wish they would simply make 1 KILLER pedal that combines ALL of what they offer to bassists & guitarists. Frankly - lots bass effects and amp models sound wikkid cool on guitar - and visa versa.
  3. That's awesome! How does it work for bass? Can you get good sounds out of the preamps? I'm actually considering buying the GT-10 instead.
  4. jeff schmidt

    jeff schmidt no longer red carded, but my butt is still sore.

    Aug 27, 2004
    Novato, CA
    Both these boxes (GT / GTb) are designed to be plug & play for their respective instruments. All the presets are set up so you can get a fairly familiar sound right away.

    So for the GT guitar version on bass - be prepared to scroll through and tweek lots of "eddie van halen" like presets. If you have a low tolerance for that kind of thing - better go with the "bass" version which will probably give you a Fieldy setting striaght up. :smug:

    Also - if its important for you to have the classic bass amp models (SVT) etc... stick with the bass version.

    But for me - I'm constantly playing with new sounds - and didn't need or want another bass amp emulation box (I still think guitar rig sounds best for that kind of thing) - so the GT is good for experimenting with more radical sounds on bass. Mostly distortion based sounds from the preamps. Having 2 channels or preamp is very cool though.

    And the routing on the GT (USB + snd/rtn) is also very useful for me. I connect my laptop to send audio & midi through the unit. works pretty well.
  5. Wow that's really interesting, thanks for that. In my case I play through a full range PA, and so I definitely need some good bass amp models, but I've been thinking about doing the laptop + pedal combination. Hmmmm... now you have me tempted!!