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TRADED Warrior Bella 62’ #22 Relic Jazz ***WTT for 5 String Jazz***

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Jason Donfris, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. Jason Donfris

    Jason Donfris Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    Chetopa, KS
    United States
    Trade value $2100
    Also open to outright sell.. price is negotiable
    • Warrior Bella 62’ relic #22 Jazz Bass up for trade. Would like to get a 5 string Jazz bass of comparable value.

    PM with offers

    Warrior Bella 62’ Specs:
    • Alder body
    • Satin maple neck
    • Maple fretboard w/ block inlays
    • Bartolini b axis jazz pickups
    • 18v Warrior/Bartolini 2 band preamp
    • Includes Certificate of authenticity
    • Approximately 8.5lbs on my bathroom scale

    Amazing sounding and playing instrument!
    20E8FFB2-51BD-4B39-B005-70B36782E6DD.jpeg 1E62B725-BB82-46D8-9EDE-44D5B8EBA794.jpeg DC9B182C-3A27-43C6-AA7C-6385DF4A910C.jpeg 3914FBCB-443E-4463-8059-64FCB19DC948.jpeg 12192B52-C591-45A4-8B11-0F37A4ED7F67.jpeg C23993AB-A33E-41CC-9E20-9D4305B5647D.jpeg ABA57530-C2B1-48C1-B696-C63DEFA9D899.jpeg 2F14A608-C9FD-4232-9FDD-33BAD1810BF1.jpeg 10B2027D-A1AB-4D12-BDE3-280F46DEF550.jpeg C1A31141-8638-4C8E-BE03-31C0149F6749.jpeg BDA1FE0A-33A5-4398-A66C-76265D014FDC.jpeg B42A575C-00EE-478F-A81D-751A493D0D3C.jpeg 9C796341-FA63-40DB-A1C3-963279D6B48B.jpeg 0C4E183D-86BA-4412-B3E2-5E40BD7415C0.jpeg 5B3C539B-771D-4B40-B43C-2DFA512309F1.jpeg 3CF4FCB5-6AC1-4887-B0C4-F6F60325B549.jpeg AD993A2D-AC1B-4880-BD98-00B5DDCD2990.jpeg B0D57647-9100-4BED-AA16-E732A34B0FE5.jpeg 4EBC36FC-0BA5-44C4-92AD-B11CF0665F3C.jpeg 6401A9D5-6D60-44FA-A33B-84D0C829DA09.jpeg 6471A70B-B160-48D9-BFF2-183F87FE56CD.jpeg 5630B86E-883D-487E-BB0E-2BAF5F2696F7.jpeg 517B42BA-59F1-475A-B53D-CEF088B74A8D.jpeg B926FD8D-36C0-4F01-8DE0-98B4EFF126C7.jpeg 498DD7F2-B05D-45FD-8CAE-4FD96844A94E.jpeg CDD6F459-7EDF-46A7-861C-32963CD51271.jpeg 2B74633A-E605-4870-9256-BABE3B116E8F.jpeg
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2020
  2. lowdownthump


    Jul 17, 2004
    What is the hole in the bottom of the body? Pic #7?
  3. Jason Donfris

    Jason Donfris Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    Chetopa, KS
    The hole in the rear of the bass is for the “E” string. It’s a string through body design proprietary to Warrior basses. The bridge is a custom made for Warrior by Hipshot to accommodate the string through body design.

    Additionally the “E” string can also be strung top loaded into the bridge.

    Warrior’s string through body design, keeps the “E” string tight, provides increased sustain, and allows for the “E” string to be tuned in lower tunings which helps prevent the string from becoming floppy and essentially keeps optimal tone, articulation, and clarity.
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