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Warwick 5 questions

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by King David, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. King David

    King David

    Dec 13, 1999
    I looked at some Warwicks yesterday online. Can anyone tell me the differences. I looked at the Corvette Standard, the Thumb 5 and the Corvette FNA Jazzman.

    What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

    How tight is the low B?

    Does anybody know where there are sound clips of Warwicks?
  2. uhh, dude.....weak post.

    youll want to play them to judge them.

    youll never know the difference no matter what you find online. that goes for any bass.
  3. DarkMazda


    Jun 3, 2000

    Corvette Standard

    Thumb 5 (BO? NT?)

    Corvette FNA Jazz Man - now those are some awesome basses.. I think they are Bolt on. One of the better ones out there from Warwick

    Which one would be the best? Thumb 5 NT would be the best one as far as Bs might be concerned. But it depends on what you want.. Thumb 5s have one of the worse balancements when it comes to "strapped position". I Personally would go with the Corvette FNA Jazz Man 5

  4. King David

    King David

    Dec 13, 1999
    If I get any Warwick, it will have to be used. I just can't afford a new one. Sorry for the weak posting. I just began to look at Warwicks and I have touched a couple, but I wasn't realy looking at them at the time. The FNA Jazzman has my interest for the pickup versatility.

    I wish the Warwick site had described the tones for each one. Their site is pretty good, but it is lacking in a few areas. I requested literature fom them.

    The Corvette has the jazz style pickups. Does it sound like a jazz?

    How are the low Bs on the bolt on basses (Corvette, Thumb and FNA Jazzman???)?

    I am assuming that the bolt on basses are a little cheaper (not as big a chunk of continious wood).
  5. rygelxvi


    Jan 6, 2003
    Well I can say that thumbs have a sound all there own. Very growly awsome lows and good highs. I've had lots of problems with the mec electronics though. The standard corvettes are more modern sounding and balance better than the thumbs, but still have crappy mec electronics. The jazzmans have a better pickup config IMHO and use a basslines preamp which is probably better built than the mec crap. Look on ebay or wantads for a good used one if you can. If you go new places like Guitar Center and Musicians friend will rip you off. Check out the Washington Music Center (http://www.wmcworld.com/dept.asp?d=guitars) and Matts Music (http://www.mattsmusic.com) for some of the best prices on warwicks. I got a Thumb for 400 less than GC from WMC.
  6. First of all, it depends on whether you want BO (Bolt On) necks or Neck through necks. I own and have previously owned a bunch of both and I can tell you they are NOT the same. The neck throughs are warmer to my ear and also typically have a 3-way EQ preamp as opposed to the 2 way in most bolt-ons. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it means there are some tones that you can get out of neck throughs that you can not get out of a BO and vice versa. There is also a BIG difference in price, in some cases $1,000 or more depending on model.

    Depending on what you are looking for tone wise should determine what type of Warwick you choose, from Corvette to Thumb to Streamer etc. Tone wise I LOVE my Thumb 4 neck through the most out all of my current basses. I think it has the most verstility in terms of sounds you can get out of it. Coupled with my Sadowsky Preamp in Passive mode with the neck pickup it sounds a lot like an old Fender Jazz believe it or not. In active with the highs rolled out a bit, the p/u on full bridge and bass boost near full it sounds almost like a fretless when you finger it right at the bridge itself.(It is actually scary, I can do my best ATTEMPT at a Jaco riff with this bass in this setup)....

    At the end of the day my advice is to play as many different basses (even SAME model as wood is different from one to another) until you find THE ONE that speaks to you. (Trust me, you will know when you find THE ONE). I played like 9 or 10 thumbs in 3 different stores before I bought the one I have now (it IS THE ONE). I also agree on pricing, you will find a different price from most dealers, GC will price match any one and I KNOW for a fact that there is a new Pommelier/EBONY(rare combo typically expensive addon option) thumb 4 neck through in GC in Raleigh, NC that can be had for about $1,800. Washington Music quoted me $1,750 and GC Raleigh was gonna match it on my #2 (out the Door Gig bag, taxes, and all for $1,750 on the 2nd best NECK through pick I made) until I found THE ONE in another store. (They also had a really nice 5 as well) As far as I know it is still there, least it was not long ago. Don't know what kind of price you could get, but it has been sitting there since June of last year so they probably REALLY want to get rid of it!! I highly recommend checking this particualr thumb out for anyone who wants a good one....Remember they price match, 30 day return and they will ship to another GC if Raleigh is not in your neighborhood!!!! Think about it...

    I have not experienced any problems with the electronics in any of my Warwicks, But I can tell you that these basses should be oiled as recommended (monthly) Over time and after the oiling process, the wood just gets deeper and deeper and IMO more beautiful as time goes by

    BTW - I currently have the Thumb 4 I mentioned, a Streamer Stage 1 P/J and a Custom Streamer Stage 2 5 J/J.

    Good luck on your quest!