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  1. Wow.....I just got off the phone w/ old man Wickersham himself and he is sending me FREE replacement bits for the Alembic system I have installed in my Warwick Dolphin 5. Alembic has some of the best customer service IMO. I have a WAXY (big 'un)a MXY, two filters and two 3-position Q switches. My hassle was the filters did not sweep low AT ALL. No subterranean lows, just screechy highs and a bit of mids. That I can even get this legend on the phone to chat about my hassle and that he would just go ahead and ship me free replacement bits is a testament to their service I'd say......
    I replaced the LAME MEC system in my two Warwick basses w/ full on Alembic stuff and have never looked back.......trash your MEC! They sound terrible and will crap out on you eventually...mine did! My Alembic's have a very clear, natural open tone....lovely.
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    Dec 8, 2001
    How easy were they to install, and how diffrent did they sound compared to the mec
  3. Imagine your huge, clear, open throaty bass sound instead appears to have a thick blanket tossed over top and is coming through an old transistor radio.....
    The Alembic sound is uncluttered, natural and "un-hyped." Very open and big with no added bass freq. distortion over EQ. MEC absoloutely bites; I've owned three Warwicks.

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