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  1. turbod


    Aug 30, 2002
    Santa Clarita, CA
    I'm considering purchasing a Warwick amp but I've seen no feedback on their performance, sound, or reliability. Suggestions are very appreciated. I'm considering the Pro Fet IV 400W solid state model. Looking for 400 to 500 watts of power. Looking for something that cuts through with deep bass tones and a hint of growl..... I play a stingray 5. Please help..need to purchase this week....
  2. I think there is a review of the Warwick ProFet IV in this month's "Gitarre&Bass"-Magazine. I can translate some of it for you if you want.
    Just have to find the mag somewhere. Reminds me to go through all those mags lying around... have to tidy-up a bit.

    I have only tried the ProFet III (300W, with simple 5-band EQ) and didn't much like the sound of it. I don't know... kind of "no character" or something... probably just not my piece of cake.

    I have to admit, though, Warwick amps offer good value for your money... or here in Germany at least. Don't know about prices in the States.

    OK, off to find the right issue now. Just tell me if you want any specific info from the review. I can probably manage to reply by tomorrow around this time.

    Take care!
  3. citizen


    Jan 24, 2003
    Warwick amps are very strong and straight amps.
    they sound very clear, and controls are very simples and efficient!

    You can dirt the sound with a crunch control on certain heads ( quad, protube).
    Profet serie is very good too:powerfull,cheap, and strog.

    But if you go for a warwick amp, be carrefull,because a lot of users find them cold,and unpersonnal.You won t find the ampeg or mesa sound.It s nearer than swr or eden,but diefferent!
    It s big rock amps,a little bit acid.for me ,playing progressive rock, it s excelent.

    Try one!!:bassist:
  4. citizen


    Jan 24, 2003
    Turbod said:

    Looking for something that cuts through with deep bass tones and a hint of growl.....

    It s exactly what i done with my one!!!it works for taht sound!!
  5. turbod


    Aug 30, 2002
    Santa Clarita, CA
    Many thanks to Displaced & Citizen... Your input is very helpful.. While I was waiting for your responses, I stopped over at Guitar Center here in Hollywood. I tried the Ampeq SVT, the GK1001, and the SWR SM-500. They all presented different flavors of bass tone. I must say, though, the SWR presented for me the kind of bass bite that may satisfy my needs.

    Displaced: If you should find that article on the Warwick amps, let me know how they rate it's overall sound, performance, and ease of use.

    From what I gather, sounds like the Warwick lacks character.... I'll make my decision tomorrow and let you know. Thanks again!
  6. About the Warwick lacking character... well, that's just my opinion, you should definitely check that for yourself. Of the amps you tried I I personally would prefer the GK... so, it seems we have different tastes sound-wise.

    OK, so let me check the article:
    Ease of use:
    They basically say that once you've gotten used to the layout of tone-controls and "made your license for it" you can dial-in lots of great tones.
    The 8-band graphic-EQ is simple enough to use and swichable.
    The 3 switches for low, mid and high each offer the settings cut/flat/boost and are there to set the base-sound.
    The Tone-control, as I understand it, gives you a slight boost in a sweepable frequency, from mids to highs. With it you subtly change the character of the amp.
    The limiter is also switchable and can be activated by footswitch, together with the graphic-EQ.
    So once you've gotten used to all the different combinations, you have lots of choices.

    They say that the amp is really low-noise. The cooling-fan is temperature controlled and it takes quite a lot to get it going fast. (Even in the hot temperatures we've been having here in Germany).
    Also you'd have to use radical EQ-settings before there will be an audible hiss from the amp.
    The amp delivers a clean, tight tone and will almost never be "harsh on the ears" (distortion) even when driven hard.
    The limiter works well and without any distortion or pumping-effects.
    (I don't know a lot about the technical stuff, but they say the output-transformer(?) is laid-out for 466VA, which seems to be a good thing, meaning an "honest" 400W performance.)

    The graphic-EQ allows boost/cut of +/- 12db so that you can go to extreme settings without getting any "odd" sounds. It does allow very effective sound-changes nonetheless.
    The Tone-control is more subtle, as stated before, and used to set the character from "full" to "detailed".
    The three EQ-switches allow radical change of the base-sound. Boosting lows and cutting highs will change the tone from "high-end-like" to "deep and a bit brutal character".
    Without EQing the sound is detailed and qite high-end.
    (You said you want something that cuts through with a bit of growl: the graphic-EQ has sliders for 210 and 420hz, so maybe you should try those, I don't know...)

    The only "-" they give is that the graphic-EQ knobs are metallic, so you'll get slight sounds when you touch them.
    They don't give ratings in numbers (4 of 5 or something) but it seems to be quite a good overall rating.

    So that was the review.
    Again I personally think it is a well-made amp, and good value for the price. Sound depends on the eye(ear) of the beholder.

    Anyway, I hope this helped a bit and I wish you lots of luck with you shopping!
    Take care!
  7. turbod


    Aug 30, 2002
    Santa Clarita, CA
    Thanks for the info Displaced... Oh, I do like the GK, in fact, for the $$, it would meet my needs quite well, though, on the 1001, it's a bit complex control wise, too many knobs and buttons to play with. I'd like something a bit more simple that delivers the tone without too much interaction. G-K does rock though.. FYI...