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Warwick Amps?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Alex, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. I don't think there has been a thread about Warwick amps yet (or at least I haven't found one :smug: ) So here it is!

    Anyone that has any experience with these cabs? How would you describe their sound? Are they reliable? Tell me everything!

    I first thought that this was just a successful bass company trying to use its name to sell amps, but now I think that they are actually making some high quality amps. I saw someone say in a thread say that they sounded "like a meatier Ampeg" and I got really excited.

    One bad thing I already found out about them - they only come in 8 ohms :mad: :scowl: I guess I'll just have to buy 2 of them...:D

  2. no one has anything to say? :crying:
  3. must I bump this?

    Feel free to tell me how lacking your experience with Warwick amps is, also. :p
  4. bugbass


    Apr 8, 2004
    IMO the Warwick amps and cabs are good value for the money, seems solid, but sounds maybe a little "boring". There is a combo though, think it`s called CCL, with a 12". This one sounded real thight and "inyourface".
  5. continue...

    describe "boring" sound?
  6. also, isn't that thing like 30 watts?
  7. The CCL is a 250w ported combo. Its current incarnation has two 10's - but it used to have a 15.

    I actually have (still working) a Warwick CL - its smaller brother, at 150w (BTW very loud for 150 too IMO) ported and with a horn. 12" cone. Very nice little combo. Had it ten years.
    Currently using it for PA support and as recording speakers......
    Very flexible - killer combo!

    My rig however is an Ampeg (SVPCL + Poweramp)- all the warwick amps i tried out (including borrowing a Profet for a while) were thin and very "mid-rangey" in comparison to the ampeg svt3pro(which i also borrowed for a while)
    I haven't tried a single Warwick Head yet that immediately gave me a GAS attack.
    I guess the main thing that made me run from the Warwicks was the fact that a high-powered, high dollar amp didn't sound any better than the combo i already had. Strange huh?
    Did i say before that its a killer little combo?
  8. I played a 300watt warwick head with a warwick 410 at a gig awhile back and it sounded great with my thumb. VERY growly when pushed with the warwick bass!

    Not the best clean tone in my opinion, but did the job well that night, so I can't really complain. hey, it was a better "house rig" than just about all the other places we play...
  9. dronnba


    Nov 7, 2002
    Porvoo, Finland
    I have tested the new Tubepath 5.1 amp with both the Neo 811 and Neo 411. The Tubepath 5.1 is a much better, more "alive" sounding amp than the previous models I have tested (Quad IV and ProFet IV(?)) which I found to be as Bugbass wrote, boring sounding. Boring sounding meant to me that I didn't find anything special in the sound of the Quad IV that would have excited me in any way. I really wanted to like it 'cause I would have gotten it quite cheap (-30% of retail price), but I couldn't convince myself.

    The newer Tubepath series is in my opinion really good and the 5.1 sounded great with the Neo 411. I wasn't so excited about the sound with the Neo 811.


  10. Anyone ever played their 211 or 115 cabs, or the Pro tube (IV or IX) heads?
  11. On BGRA someone said that their tube heads don't sound good until the tubes warm up. Is this true? How long should it take?

  12. I am so surprised that so few people know about these cabs. :meh:
  13. playmybass


    Mar 28, 2004
    Tucson, Az
    Well, they ARE kind of rare in the US. Hopefully soon theyll start importing more, theyd sell like hot cakes. Great amps at a decent price.
  14. dude, elaborate! :rolleyes: :scowl:

    It's true that they are not well known, though. That shouldn't last long; They've taken their inner back cover ad in BP that they've had forever and are now devoting it to their amps.
  15. verbass


    Apr 26, 2004
    dayville ct
    I play occasionally through a friend's protube iv rig and I find that it lacks what my GK or SWR have A lively midrange that cuts clean through I feel the Warwick amps are more growland rumble with out the cut of the amps I use.
  16. i'm sure lack of demand was part of the equation, but i also found them to lack in the dollar per watt and dollar per feature ratios. to me, that doesn't matter as much as tone.

    i had played a quad VI head several times at elderly instruments in lansing, and i absolutely loved the tone. so i bought a used quadruplet preamp and i couldn't be happier with it. the quad switch changes the voicing and the center frequency of the EQs. it's not very obvious in the store that the switch has anything to do with that, so i could see why people might pass it up. i can get some "boring" smooth tones with it, but i can also get some very lively tube power amp tones, too. it is a very versatile and great sounding box.

    but it lists for $1,000 new. i bought mine for $450 used. that's pretty expensive. and most of their stuff is pretty expensive compared to domestic manufacturers. it's good, though.

  17. They have a 400w 210 for like $500 list, doesn't seem too pricey to me. You must be referring to the heads?

    There is a GC about 25 minutes away that has the Warwick amps, I'll have to go check them out soon.
  18. alexclaber

    alexclaber Commercial User

    Jun 19, 2001
    Brighton, UK
    Director - Barefaced Ltd
    You'll get more bang for your buck with local gear.

    I've played a few Warwick rigs and they've never seemed all that - even the Pro IX and 410+115 stack I tried. I suspect the cabs were the weak link, they just seemed your standard stick a woofer in a box, add holes and hope for the best... And the Terminator? Bandpass in a bass rig? No thank you!

    The Quadruplet and its decendants are a different kettle of fish compared to the other gear, being quite unique in concept and sound, with a low power tube amp driving a dummy load to give you both pre and power tube break up and saturation. Juicy growl!

  19. of course. cabinets that handle more power than amps can reasonably power are very common. everyone makes 300W cabs to match with 250W to 400W. no surprises there. but look at the heads.

    the quad VI is 600W into 4O. that's not a small amount of power, but if i have two 300W 8O cabinets, i can certainly put more into them. not a problem with a pre/power rig, but the head guys are sort of left out.

  20. i have a Pro Fet 5.1 which i bought to replace my SWR workingmans 4004. Much richer and fuller tone to my ears. It isn't as loud however, but seems to be begging me to run it at 4ohm with a second cab to let it breath a bit easier. I'll run it like that this weekend and keep u posted.