warwick amps?

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    I've been post'n and list'n for a while now, and noticed no one ever says anything about the line of warwick amps and cabs. I've seen some here in Oz and the look and sound great, is it just that they're to expensive that no one gets one or what , if i had the cash i'd want to get one of the pro tube series they have on offer

    any thoughts, i just think it's strange they're never mentioned.


  2. I would also like to know about the Warick Amps.
    Where did you see them in Oz?
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    check out the bass centre, or this place that sells all kinds of warwick stuff on johnston street fitzroy, i forget what it's called though

    hope that helps

    if you ever see Pre_Shrunk They're sponsered by warwick now

    lucky little shrunks

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    hey bassboy J,

    Are you in a band at the mo'?

    casue my covers band will need a new bass player in december b/c i'm leaving for canada