Warwick Blue Cab Sound for bigger Amps

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  1. Mag B

    Mag B

    Dec 28, 2004
    First of all hello to the Forum, this is (after reading a lot) my first question!

    At rehearsals I play a Trace Elliot Amp head (7 EQ, 350 Watt) with a Hughes&Kettner 4x10 and a Hartke TP 4x10 (both no Horns).

    As a bass I play a MM Stingray 4-string 2EQ.

    At home for practising I play a Warwick Blue Cab 20. And now I must admit that I like the sound of the warwick much better than of the the Trace with the 2 4x10 cabinets. Of course the Blue Cab 20 is far to small for playing with a band.

    So my question: Any suggestion for a Set-Up with the blue cab 20 sound strong enough for band-rehearsals? Would it be enough to switch over to Warwick Cabs?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

    greetings steph