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For Sale Warwick Corvette 5 $$ - Nirvana Black (German Made)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by scowboy, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. scowboy

    scowboy Supporting Member

    Jun 9, 2006
    Sacramento area
    To keep this thread short and efficient; if you have any questions or offers please “Start a Conversation” with me rather than posting a comment.

    Up for sale is my Nirvana Black Warwick Corvette $$ 5. This is a 2010 model which was made in Germany. I have had a few of these basses over the years but the neck on this one is a bit slimmer from front to back which means it's a really nice neck, for reference the previous ones I had were 2009 and earlier. It's your typical chameleon of tones that these basses are so well known for. Beyond the light body markings the frets have almost no sign of use and the neck is super nice. I'd call this bass mint if it were not for the marks on the body. The guy I got if from did not ever play it and it shows. The weight is 9 lbs 10 oz and it includes all the original Warwick accessories and a Warwick Rockbag Gigbag. It's currently strung with a new set of 45-130 Sadowsky Blue Label nickels with a tapered end B-string. I'm selling it because i've got a few too many basses and could use the room.

    The only trade interests I would be interested in are the following:

    Older Rickenbacker 4001 or 4003 in playable condition with no major modifications
    Pre-2000 or older Stingray 4H with rosewood fingerboard (under 9.5 pounds)

    MIA Fender P-basses under 9 pounds (I love the lake placid blue American Original model)

    The bass itself has the typical $$ ovankol neck, wenge fingerboard and ash body. String spacing is 16.5mm and the saddles are individually adjustable so it could be widened or narrowed.

    Fingerboard radius: 26"
    Nut Width: 45mm / 1.8"
    Width at 12th Fret: 60.8 mm / 2.4"
    Width at 24th Fret: 69.11 mm / 2.7"
    Fret quantity material and size: 24 Jumbo Bronze (extra hard) frets (width: 2.9 mm / height: 1.3 mm)

    Controls are:

    Volume with pull to defeat preamp
    Treble bass
    Switch for each pickup to select parallel, series or single coil
    Looking to get what I paid for it out of it. $1350 shipped CONUS.

    PayPal is fine but I'm happy to wait for certified funds in the mail. Bass is located in the greater Sacramento area and can be pickup in person at my place of business in Folsom, CA. No meet ups.

    Hold on to your seat...lotsa pictures coming... fullsizeoutput_2bb0. fullsizeoutput_2baf. fullsizeoutput_2bb1. IMG_4433.JPG IMG_4434.JPG fullsizeoutput_2bb2. IMG_4436.JPG IMG_4437.JPG IMG_4438.JPG IMG_4439.JPG IMG_4441.JPG IMG_4442.JPG fullsizeoutput_2bac. IMG_4445.JPG IMG_4446.JPG fullsizeoutput_2ba7. fullsizeoutput_2bab.

    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019

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