Warwick Corvette 5 volume control electronics issue / replacement

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  1. olirm


    Jul 15, 2013
    Been a lurker for a while, but finally had a question that I could not find using the search, and please let me know if I have put this thread in the wrong location.

    I have been having problems with my Warwick Corvette 5 standard with active electronics. I purchased this knowing the problem and since I am pretty good about rewiring guitars I thought it would be a simple swap. Though I am new to warwicks, I assume the push/pull pot control closest to neckshould be volume, with counter-clockwise all the way down and quiet, and full clockwise open and full vol.

    Well, the issue is that mid-way through the rotation of the vol, the pot cuts out completely, so there are a few degrees of rotation with no sound at all. Now the strange part is, I get full volume at each extreme of the rotation and the control does not attenuate the signal at all, only full cut out in the middle. I would just assume replace the whole thing and that is what I planned to do when I bought it, but here is the even stranger part to me , the sound is different when the vol control is full up or down, and I like it better with it all the way down. I might be crazy, but I am pretty sure there is difference in tone there.

    I have never seen this before on a control pot and was curious if it was attempt at some point with a custom wiring job. It has the same behavior regardless if it is push/pulled in active or passive mode, cut out in the middle with full vol and tonal variation at the extremes of the rotation. Since I like the way it sounds I am almost hesitant to mess with it, though I know I need a functioning vol control, I have been using my vol pedal for now and that might be ok long term. Though being a tinkerer with electronics I am trying to figure out why there would be a tonal difference

    Anyone have any wiring diagrams for the corvette 5 standard Active? Just curious if something is really off in there and wanted the opinions of those here on the forum. I am at a loss as to why the sound would change with the vol control, interested to hear if anyone else has experienced that.

    Lastly if I do change the pot, are there other alternatives to the $100+ MEC push/pull pots that I see around and? I usually use pots from Stew Mac and they have a 500k push/pull for $9, I have used this before when coil-splitting some other guitars I have worked on..


    Thanks in advance for the input, and I apologize for the long winded post.
  2. kulit17

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    Takes some pics of the electronics cavity but it sounds like an incorrect pot and/or wiring. Sounds like its erroneously acting like a blend pot. :confused:

    Also volume push/pull is typically a preamp bypass. Pushed down, the preamp is active and tone controls (stacked knobs)acts as bass and treble boost. Pulled the preamp is inactive and tone control is deactivated. Not sure what state your bass is in.